Winds of Magic is Coming to Console in December


The new expansion to Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Winds of Magic, is coming to console this December. The exact date will be announced closer to November. We are very grateful for your patience.


Q: When will we have an actual release date?
A: We will announce the exact date in November.

Q: Is anything different from PC version?
A: With Winds of Magic’s release we received a lot of feedback from players, and we want to address it as much as we can. On consoles we decided to have content we are confident players will enjoy. The precise list of content will be detailed in the November post.

Q: How will it be then?
A: We heard all the feedback from the Winds of Magic release on PC, and we have addressed many of the raised issues. The console release will be based on the current PC patch.

Q: When is the next update?
A: We want all platforms to have the same content in 2020.


YUS! This and another Warhammer game Martyr Inquisitor have been some console updates I’ve been waiting for.


I think a lot of console players will appreciate it that they do not have to wait until next year.


Great News!

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Cant Wait! Loving this game… just picked it up a few weeks ago. Can’t wait for the Versus Mode. Endless replay value!


Just a heads up that Versus isn’t included in WoM but is a future release :slight_smile:


Any chance it will be on WOM in the future?

Is console going to get the Halloween Geheimnisnacht event again this year? I haven’t logged in yet this week to see if we have it yet or not.

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Winds of Magic (short WOM) is an expansion to the base game, introducing Cataclysm difficulty, Beastmen, and the Weaves (with acompanying Athanor).
Versus is, how i understand it, a bit more seperate to the base game, not neccessarily tied to the seasons.
All balancing is different compared to adventure mode and is handled seperate too.
I don’t know how seperate it will be on consoles compared to PC, but my guess is that it could be a seperate gamemode, like the beta branches, but i might be wrong.

Is there any clarification as of now on how exactly it’s seperated to the base game for console and PC, @Fatshark_Hedge?


Both consoles or just xbox? @FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge

I would think both consoles. Especially since they said they want all 3 versions of the game to be on the same patch in 2020.


Something i forgot to ask:
As you said you want to have all platforms having the same content in 2020, and season 2 is coming to PC in 2019, does this mean you decided against going directly to season 2 on console?

still amazes me that people can play fps with controllers XD!



Not really too terribly difficult? Game’s balanced for it, feels fine.

I have a friend who plays on PC with his Xbox controller using an adapter. He does pretty well. Tells me about his Legend runs. He prefers the controller, but wants the 60 FPS.

Elite controller with custom thumb sticks. Favorite way to play.

Q: When is the next update?
A: We want all platforms to have the same content in 2020.

Future crossplay announcement?

Probably more like console Weaves season 1 mirrors the content of PC Weaves season 2.


Given that the game has had the lowest average player numbers in the last month ever over its entire existence it makes sense to spread that same level of meh to other platforms.

That’s exactly what my friend uses. Fully customised with additional paddles.

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