Winds of Magic is Coming to Console in December

I am curious how WoM will be balanced on consoles… Console mobs already have more HP to deal with the fact they can’t have as many enemies on screen like PC. If I’m not mistaken, some of the patches this year even decreased the number of mobs further. How will that work with WoM which seems to have a massive increase in hordes and elites. And will they just throw even more HP on them?

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I cant speak for xbone but on ps4 at least. The enemies dont exactaly feel like sponges too much. Some CW do on legend if you dont have the right weapons but…that’s just how CW are. I’d imagine they could get away with beefing up HP on ps4 a bit to compensate for the lower numbers.

My guess is more waves, increased health. We have a 25% power increase on weapons to make using a controller easier, which keeps things from feeling too beefy. It’s more stagger I worry about, since dodging can be a little persnickety on console with jump and dodge bound together.

Only trash mobs have more health, everything else has the same health as PC (or used to pre-2.0).

Xbox and PS4 balance are the same last I checked for 1.6.

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I doubt it since the enemy horde sizes, HP and other things are different on console and PC. Xbox and ps4 crossplay maybe, but yeah… probably not.

Has the date been pushed back since it wasn’t announced on November?

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I was wondering the same.

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Any news at all then? As it is December now

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Would be nice to get at least something about the release date since we got nothing in November like you sayd.

A simple " sry guys we got some problem here we got to solve first " would have been enough.

I mean it’s cool you guys seem to want to bring a functional add on to console , nothing wrong about that and i personally prefer to wait a bit longer to get a decent fixed version.
But a bit more communication would be great cause me and my friends are starving for any bit you guys can give us :slight_smile:

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We’ll have an announcement out very early next week :slight_smile:


Ty for the quick respond

its now late next week, over a week in fact.

Any news? Ive basically quit playing the game due to sheer boredom.

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News have been out for a while, mate.

Season 2 beta on the 16th.