Christmas News

Good morning:

We´re already in the first week of December. Will we soon have a stream, trailer or preview of the new content by the end of the year?

I´m very concerned about this drought of content and the little information we have.


You think it is bad for PC. Try playing on console…


@TobaisGeofell There’s always hope.

Yup it’s that special time of year when everything goes on sale… Like PCs. So there’s hope that just the right one will fall into the right price range to play WoM before the end of the year.

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I cant play on pc…cant stand it. Too used to console to deal with PC nonsense. Besides I’d have to start all over

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apparently the answer is “early” next week

where did u get this answer?

Actually, its “very early” next week.


I don’t care about console. Will there be an announcement that is relevant to PC players?

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right…? i saw that answer with the link that said console like… bruh. why. how does this even RUN on console lmao

They’ve said they want the consoles and PC version both on the same patch. If I remember correctly, consoles are skipping season 1 and going right to season 2. So PC might be getting an update as well. Checking steam database, I see Fatshark have been uploading files just today. So yea, probably coming soon



Better late then buggy.

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Dear Santa,

I have been good this year, so I would like a red helmet for Christmas.

Foot Knight.


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