Can we have the ability to tell a BOT to pick up a Scripture, or for that matter Ammo/Healing packs?


Not for another 3 months, probably.

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I literally just made my own post about this as well. SOOO frustrating.

The worst part is if you crash and disconnect, the bot can’t hold the scripture/grim so it disappears. Incredibly heinous design to just lose out on the secondary objective just because of a crash, which is their fault in the first place.


We had it working perfectly in Vermintide, whether people joined or left, also with a command wheel that could order bots or people to pick/switch items :pensive:


Id also like to throw in the ability to tell bots to heal at medicade. They should never heal at medicade unless told so IMO.


Yeah but this isn’t Vermintide 3 I’m so tired of all these people comparing this game to a different franchise that had different goals and mechanics



So because it’s Darktide and not Vermintide 3 it’s acceptable to not take all of the good qualities of their previous game and translate it over? This game is basically a reskin as it is just with guns.

naw I agree - thus the /s (sarcasm)

It’s just a reply I’ve seen said one too many times as a defense for arguing about stuff like this that’s just so braindead it’s astounding. There’s so many things that were objectively better in VT2 that should have been ported over but for whatever reason, isn’t


Yeah it’s pretty sad that the devs didn’t simply copy and paste the vermintide bot code onto darktide bots, seems like they’re massively downgraded for missing such basic functions.

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The devs refer to this as part of the tides series.

its a TIDES game, verminTIDE, darkTIDE. its part of the series. and the devs next game after (IMO) a very successful V2. We should have expected bots to act similar. We should have expected them to EVOLVE if anything, not regress.

thus the /s at the end, friend.

Still you’re points and frustrations are irrelevant to the topic. The topic asks for bots to have the ability to pick up scriptures and grims. The goal of this secondary obj is to get all 3 or 2. Weeklies may ask you to complete this as well.

If a player is stuck with bots in a match, be it private or an unfortunate matchmaking situation, this is a VALID ask that will no doubt comes with comparisons to a previous game that HAD bots and a pickup mechanic.

You’re dismissal of this topic are just as frustrating since you bring no valid solutions to the table.

A great solution is to ask when/if to expect this mechanic in the game. Since the devs already mentioned they are not happy with current state of bots.

You’ll really want to google what the /s means

Bro I was sharing my frustration with the dude who was saying it’s dumb that they didn’t port over the bot behaviour from VT2 to Darktide, which includes the ability to pick up books. I’m literally agreeing with the topic.

Also, your*

Admittedly I was thinking about the Bot versatility in general, which does include some of the above suggestions (control of Bots for Medicade/Scriptures/Grims, and deploying Ammo/Healing).

It is not unfair to expect some of the same systems, from similar games, from the same developer, but I do understand that some things just don’t port well from one game to another, or from one framework to another. Still, the developers are aware that the Bots aren’t great, and are likely working on them as we type, but if people don’t communicate their likes/dislikes, the developers won’t know what is/isn’t working.

That’s all this post was about; COMMUNICATION.
No doubt there are people that are perfectly happy with the game as is, but clearly by some of the responses on these forums that doesn’t apply to everyone.

It could have been great, but it also could have turned out terribly. Vermintide was primarily Melee based, but this has a whole lot more Ranged in it.
They likely couldn’t port over the Bots AS IS, because we likely would have ended up with Ranged dudes that charged into Melee from the other side of the map.

Starting with the bare minimum for the Bots makes some sense, especially considering that this is a much more group-based game than the previous games. Porting over code and just deleting/editing out unused/irrelevant cods is a great way to cause bugs in a system.

Oh. My bad. Agreed.

oh, you thought that the game that is basically the successor of VT2 is an upgrade of VT2 and keeps, maybe even builds on top of the QoL features that VT2 has?

how silly of you to make such assumptions. welcome to fatshark—where sequels are straight downgrades.

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