Can you apply the Necromancer Skeleton commands mechanic to Bots in general? Give us finer control over Bots behavior please. Like "come to me!" or "hold position!"

Something basic. Attach it to the Emote wheel as an option even

Stuff like

“focus on THAT target”

“hold position!”

“charge to that direction!”

“Come to me!”

“Ranged/Melee Combat!”

“Cancel Orders” (to reset)

And allow players to adjust how often and WHEN it’s okay to use career abilities rather than spamming it the second they’re available.


That would be cool but probably never happen…

Judging by the fact that in the next tide game Darktide they removed the option to play solo with bots entirely…i would love this but dont see this as the path they are going down.

I’m wondering if this is a removed function rather than yet to implement.

You can never tell with Dark Tide considering the baffling incomplete mess the game is. (sweet combat and graphics as a foundation, but everything else is a mess)

Really? Can’t play DT solo? Ok, I thought about buying it in the future, but no.

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I’d wait and see. Like I said it looks more like a feature missing from an unfinished game than intended design

But if this remains the case I sure as hell won’t buy it as well. The lack of bots was precisely the sole exclusive reason why I refused to buy Strange Brigade

I can not speak for the future but right this moment the minimum private game group size is two.

Barring a very annoying and complicated process thwt can get you into solo matches that is not viable for everyone

Thx for the info.

Which is especially frustrating and annoying because FS made so much positive progress with bots on V2

It’s so baffling that they went such a huge step backwards and came out with bots even worse than V1’s somehow