Bots Need Improved, Badly

Losing a teammate to a DC isn’t usually so bad. Until your team is doing fine and the bot triggers the Daemonhost, nearly risking a Grimoire run as you’re not at all prepared to deal with a Daemonhost at that time.

Speaking of, killing Daemonhosts (or really any Monstrosity) needs a benefit. In VT2 we’d get Loot Dies to increase our post-match loot. Why not something similar, or like Crafting Materials. I’d say Curios, but so far the Curio shop has been mostly useless with just duplicate trash/the items your class doesn’t favor.


Cant believe bots will go out of their way to trigger daemonhosts, just got us wiped too

Over the weekend I had a few instances when I was pinned by a hound, but the bot just stood over me and did nothing. Good to see the V2 launch bot AI is still a thing.

I always wonder why sequel games launch without the frame work their predecessor finished with.

Cant wait till bots are filled from your character list. My geared out vermintide bots did more than Randoms. And they could actually carry items.

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There’s something in their production pipelines that seems to be unable to accept new bits as they get introduced to their older games. Unless it’s a feature that combusts totally (like DT characters v0.25 and DT crafting v.03) they seem to rigidly press ahead implementing what’s in their design which… isn’t a bad thing in some ways but what works from a development side can have serious detrimental effects on the player side (case in point, the armoury).

Maybe Im just expecting you much, but when I think of a sequel game, it seems like common sense for it to keep all the great features of the first and expand (The state the first game ended in “should” be the starting point for the sequel)

not go back to the beginning barebones, and take years to get it back to the standard of the prior game before actually building on it, or trying to make something completely out of character (like battlefield did).

something as central as combined inventory should have been in the core framework, but somehow wasn’t even considered…

Cant even tell them to pick up and hold a book or medkit.

Expect this topic to pick up hard once they finally add private lobbies.

I’ve found bots do relatively well on wide open maps, more so if they don’t get stuck with laspistols. They seem totally helpless in tight quarters though. I had to do most of Hab Dreyko with 3 bots and they died 10 times in the hab block scanning phase. Pox Bursters kept getting them while I was scanning. It got better once we got to the end event. Although one did walk off a ledge during the escape lol