Scrap the weeklies and bring Melks currency as mission-rewards


I´m at the point to say, that the weeklies doesn´t fit the game. I´m personally not against such stuff in games, but they pretty much force the worst out of the players in this one.

The issue is, that you don´t get rewarded by them by playing higher difficulties, which is pretty much the core of the game seen over a long time. No, only collecting materials is fast done when we talk about weeklies there since they don´t require any kind of skill and you don´t have to finish the mission. All the others… collect books, finish the game or “noone should die” are way harder to finish on higher difficulties and will automatically cost more time for the same.
Because it is like it is… poeple will jump on lower difficulties. Of course you can say “so newcomers will have players to play with”, but that´s not really great at all. Having 3 other players rushing the map down with level 30 doesn´t feel great. In the worst case they might even start to flame the newcomer, because he was left behind and died to some disablers or whatever.

So getting ride of the weeklies and getting rewarded with the tokens by playing in general would be the better choice. It could look like the following based on the fact, that you normally get 2500-3000 tokens per week within 3-5h of gameplay:

  1. Coins should be granted from level 1.

  2. Beating Sedition shouldn´t grant any coins.

  3. Splitting rewards between the 2 main-events:

  • Beating the first event (like 50% of the map) should grant X coins based on the difficulty (uprising+). It could be like: 10 / 22 / 35 / 50 coins.
  • Beating the endevent (finish the game) will grant additionally coins like: 20 / 33 / 50 / 70
  1. All modifiers but “low intensity” will increase the rewards based on the difficulty:
  • Fog / Night: 5 / 15 / 25 / 35
  • Hunting grounds: 8 / 20 / 32 / 45
  • High intenstiy: 15 / 30 / 45 / 60

Fog / night have definately decreased spawns, so i would put them lower than hunting grounds where stuff can still go nuts faster.

  1. Beating monstrosities (Plague Ogryns, Beast of Nurgle , Deamonhost): 5 / 10 / 17 / 25

  2. Beating the mission without deaths: 5 / 25 / 60 / 100. (It´s not that hard to beat uprising and malice without deaths so…)

  3. Books should be available in every mission and…

  • Collecting scriptures will grant: 2 / 6 / 9 / 14 coins per scripture. Collecting all grants additional 4 / 7 / 13 / 18 coins. (10 / 25 / 40 / 60 in summary)
  • Collecting grimoires will grant 4 / 10 / 16 / 22 coins per grimoire. Collecting both grants additional 7 / 10 / 23 / 36 coins. (15 / 30 / 55 / 80 in summary)
  1. On top it should be possible to find an amount of coins like you can find materials: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40.

  2. Share the currency across the whole account.

So for example running a mission on damnation with high intensity and grimoires without deaths, meanwhile engaging 2 monstrosities and finding every coins lieing around, would last in 450 coins per run. This would be the highest amount of coins you could get.

Yes, it´s pretty much what you would get right now while running down the current weeklies on sedition within a short time-window, but it´s more consistent in general and more rewarding while taking the risks of books and / or higher difficulties.
It´ll also gives players, who play the game for more than a couple of hours per week, more rewards for playing in general. And if the currency is account-wide, players are not forced to play multiple characters to get the most out of the weeklies and they can play whatever they want without taking care of them in general.
Meanwhile players with not so much time can fully concentrate on their own gameplay-experience. They might get less coins per week based on their preferences, but they´re not “forced” to do so.

Ofc the numbers are not fixed as always and additional ressources could be a thing aswell… but i do think having a system like we had in V2 aka getting better rewarded for books / killing bosses etc… in general is better than running down weeklies on low level missions meanwhile ignoring sideobjectives completely on higher ones.

Also to play a bit around the RNG in long terms, maybe add a feature to Melk like “You´ve already spend 10 000 / 20 000 / 30 000 coins”, so he´ll show you better and better stuff when we talk about the beloved number 380. Otherwise maybe let us buy expensive upgrades for weapons aswell?!
(Yes still somewhat RNG, still grind, but everything which is going into the right direction without getting “free reds”… why not?!)

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I would add to that, with a certain amount of currency, why not just allow people to order in something specific. They paid their dues in gameplay, may as well translate that over to a reward of their choosing.

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The weeklies are there as an incentive to come back and play a few hours every week. Just as daily Melk’s resets are there so that people would want to log in every day. I’m not saying this is a fun mechanic, in fact I hate those 'player retention" tricks.

But there is a bigger problem with Melk’s Requisitorium, namely it’s pretty useless once you have your T4 blessings and a stockpile of Requisitorium coins, in case anything interesting ever shows up at Melk’s.

The changes you proposed are interesting, but in my humbele opinion Fatshark would need to add coin-sinks to make endgame players want to participate.

Now this is a great idea. Make it cost 10,000 coins or even more, so that the no-life grinders like me have something to do as well. I would do almost anything for non-RNG rewards.

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Ofc i know why there are dailies / weeklies in a game. I´m already glad we don´t have dailies here for the exact reason “not being forced to login every day…”.
I mean, it´s free for everyone what they do and i do think that some sorts of game-mechanics belong to MMORPG´s. But in this game and what it cause gameplay-wise due to the relation of different difficulties etc… it just hinders the players from enjoying the game in their way / on their skill-level without any drawbacks, no matter if it´s casual or hardcore.

My request would change this issue i guess.

Sure this will be a thing over the time. We already had this in V2, when you had a couple of reds and pretty much never opened chests again.
I didn´t want to go to much into details, there already have been other threads about this. I personally would like to see upgrade-materials, maybe yes… lets us buy plasteel / diamantine aswell. Maybe let us trade 1000 coins into some Aquilas with a weekly limit or so. Or let us buy timed buffs for 3 runs with different effects. (Maybe even negative effects but higher rewards for those who wants even a bigger challenge and a better risk VS reward.)

There are dozens of possibilities.


That’s another good idea. Anything to spice up the endgame to be honest.