Scaveneger Hunt Coherency

Veteran Sharpshooter Coherency , which gives little amount of ammo to friendlies nearby on elite kills, while the game does not show the percentage of ammo given its just a “1.3%”. which makes it the worst coherency percentage of them all.

An increase to 3-5% would be better, as it only do activate on special kills. Also 1.3% is way to low, even the lowest HP elite do require atleast 3% of ammo to be killed.

Yes but it’s an aura, and few enemies should take 3% of your whole team’s ammo. It’s not gonna sustain your whole team but it’s not meant to, ammo pickups are a core mechanic.

Interestingly though it’s honestly the coherency bonus I notice the most in gameplay. Sometimes I’ll notice my shotgun is maxed again despite emptying half a clip recently. It’s nice. It would be nice to have a feat to spec into the team ammo regen further, but otherwise I don’t have an issue with it.

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weapons with low ammo capacity gain higher percentage, because there is a minimum of bullet to gain. for example i have a shotgun with 8/44 rounds. when i kill an elite i gain (1 round), although on ratio, 1 round is about 2% of 44, that you always gain a bullet atleast, with a reserve of 32-80 rounds, you always gain 1 bullet.

which is more than 1.3% , but when you have a weapon with 400-500 ammo as a LasGun, 1.3% is way too low.

They also round down or truncate the integer, so with low ammo weapons you lose as much ammo as you gain (eg, revolver should be 1.9 bullets but you only get 1)

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