Scab shooters without the gas mask not being highlighted by Veteran's Counterfire is "not-a-bug"

Just discovered this, how annoying. If the behaviour is supposed to be different then maybe they should show up in volley fire until the behaviour is different, because it isn’t at the moment, and using this skill makes me skip over this kind of enemy to prioritize others which can be a pretty negative experience when they return fire at me.


lol that makes no sense

Fatshark is notorious for established mechanics not functioning for months or years until update patches catch up with design intent.

Fun fact: Damnation Scab Stalkers will deal over 200 toughness damage in a single second which will clear all toughness of any characters they target and for some reason they also cannot be highlighter by the Volley Fire as a priority target. Watch my toughness as I go pick up my friend.

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I have determined after a few more damnation runs that the helmet bandolier guys seem to walk up to you while shooting more often. They seem to use cover less often than other variants.

This of course still means they should be highlighted by Vet ult because they SHOOT


I posted this in bug report and was told ‘not a bug’. ROFL ok.

“Nah, it’s fine. Obviously we tested that and it’s intended and perfectly fine. We clear Damnation with devs here at Fatshark all the time. We don’t see any problems”

Say developers who never playtested their game before release…


I think they just had base values of health and damage in Uprising and then applied difficulty modifiers to them without testing the effect on classes and players on the higher modifiers. How else would you explain the toughness issues with basic ranged enemies and psyker brain burst damage falloff, to name a few.

I’d just like to bump this as well as this issue is still ongoing:


Does it shoot at you? then its a shooter.

Pretty simple, Fatshark you are wrong on this. It is a bug while you leave the description of the talent as it is.

This enemy shoots at you, therefore it is a shooter, therefore it should be highlighted by the talent that says ‘highlight all shooters’

Shooter is not a class of enemy, Gunner is a class of enemy. Shooter is an action enemies take


this bullcrap still needs to be changed. bump

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Sorry FatShark, but I’m bumping this too.

They can shoot, so according to description they should be highligthed.
While I do get the “they work only at close range” arguments (which IMHO isn’t that true), at least either fix description or simply add them to the shooter roster or whatever. IMHO is the simplest solution so a veteran can choose to become the ultimate ranged-heretic-radar.

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These guys snipe me all the time. really hoping this gets fixed.

But shotgunners work at close range too and they are highlighted

They’re elites, so that still fits, but Scab Stalkers not highlighting is counter-intuitive.

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I believe they should be highlighted 100%, but their name is Scab stalker, not shooter, so they write their own description right, but even then they don’t give us a way to figure this guys name. :confused:

The problem with that reasoning is there are no Dreg Shooters, allegedly the ones in the game are Dreg Stalkers.

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Great point. I haven’t noticed their actual name until you notice me.

Bump. This is dumb change my mind.

What they are named is - while true - irrelevant to the discussion. Scab Stalkers have guns. They like to shoot at you from 3 feet away and appear in decent numbers. They have to be marked.
->If something shoots, it’s a shooter period.