"Saves" should be calculated like in VT1

The titles says it all. It’s no secret that Heroic Intervention is a useless trait, and due to the way saves are calculated a simple number change won’t change this. Saves need to occur more consistently to make this a viable trait. It’s common to finish games and see only 1-3 saves per player, and that is usually from killing disablers.

Saves were much more lenient in the first game, occurring just by killing/staggering an enemy who was simply targeting a player, rather than how it is in VT2 where they need to be actively attacking the player.


This is actually how it works right now. It’s kind of cheesy to proc and needs tweaks, so won’t go into how to proc it to make it super viable as I don’t think that’s something that’s good for the playerbase, but since activating it as it’s meant to be used is more tricky, I’d like to see maybe a way higher thp return on it since natural saves are pretty uncommon.

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The thing is that it is on a melee weapon and every good player will kill specials with his ranged weapon and preferably before they got a teammate. There is basically no way to have designed this more useless.

Would be new to me.

lol. That was a good laugh. I find it funny because I talked about that somewhere before where most of the saves from specials are ranged attacks. Yeah I swear it’d be amazing if they just … well, did a lot of things. But in regards to the OP, made a number of the traits more useful and introduced more traits. It feels like a lot of weapons are just pigeon-holed into using 1 or 2 traits. When that happens in a game, there is no real diversity. So many people use swift-slaying because everything else is mediocre or bad. After the nerfs to the CDR traits, swift-slaying ended up being just as fast to get CDR making those traits essentially obsolete.


Even if its gonna proc like crazy, its still useless trait mostly because reward is very bad

Heroic intervention should be changed for a better version of barkskin. 50-60% dr when disabled for 2-3 seconds

Yeah not super well known since it’s not super used for obvious reasons. Was big meta on PS4 for a bit during our release, so that’s how I know, haha.

Heroic intervention should be changed for a better version of barkskin. 50-60% dr when disabled for 2-3 seconds

This would be kinda cool, ngl, if not a touch Overpowered.

I don’t think thats overpowered comparing that its quite niche and well comparing to swift slaying i would say still little worse but nearly good

Wait? On console it actually counts by interrupting any mob about to hit your teammate?

Nah… better just 50% faster raising. That would be a real Heroic Intervention :wink:

Not just console, both platforms.

PS4 just found it out before PC since we had a much later release and people had already sworn off HI on PC by then, so we were a bit more open to experimentation. FS “fixed” it without telling anyone. :slight_smile:

It later fell out in favor of Swift Slaying, though, but HI still works the same way last I tested it.

You still have to do some weird, usually unnatural stuff in order to get it to really work, however, so it’s not really a top pick, as it were.

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