Heroic intervention - Useless trait?

So does this only work on few disabler specials for a meagre effect? Or is it bugged?
In V1 this worked on ambient rat assists too with an obvious visual effect and was far more useful. Right now this trait is one of them sad poop tier things imo.

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Everything is pretty subpar, this time around. Most talents are not all that interesting, nor meaningful.

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I wouldn’t say everything tho, some things are really cool, like swift slaying when it comes to trait. That thing lasts as long as zealots ulti.
But overall just like when it comes to weapons, few of them are really good while the rest are obviously poop tier.

Doesn’t work I think, with the exception of disable specials

They removed aidings from the game. If it works, it’d only work if you save a teammate from a disabler. Which means it’s utterly useless.

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