Melee traits rework

I liked the necklace traits rework, since it made several traits viable choices. Ranged is generally fine as well (aside from resourceful, every trait has its use).
However, melee generally uses only Swift Slaying. Case can be made for Parry (it’s not something everyone picks, but it does what it want to do), so that’s two workable traits.
Opportunist is long known to change nothing.
Likewise, Heroic Intervention doesn’t work, unless you’re deliberately letting specials live to get assist instead.
Off Balance doesn’t stack with most of similar bonuses, doesn’t really help with anything but CW and bosses, isn’t easily appliable, unless you’re IB with ult (and even then, you have better things to do while ulting). When you get in melee, instead of waiting for enemy to attack it’s just better to attack first most of the time.
Resourceful Combatant was previously the second choice after Swift Slaying, until it got nerfed to oblivion and Swift Slaying became just as good at reducing cooldown. However I don’t understand why it had to be nerfed that much when new Scrounger can proc only once per shot, regardles of enemies cleaved. The same issue was what made Resourceful strong, criticals in hordes filled the ability bar way too easily, but there’s already one trait that prevents cleave abuse, why not make it two?


Which is a shame.

I’ve assumed some interaction is broken preventing the effect triggering when protecting allies from attacks from the flank, then again… the assist doesn’t really seem to be there anymore. ( As it functioned in V1)

In any case, it only works when saving allies from specials as far as I know currently.


Also, it restores like 15 TEMP hp… Compared to it, when you get pounced by a dead assassin (cuz u headshotted it midflight) it still damages you for 30 dmge…

Aye, melee traits need help.
I occasionally still use something else than swift slaying, but it is rarely a sensible choice.
Resourceful could really do with a lower cooldown. I’d say 2 seconds would be quite sensible, actually.
But swift slaying is also plain too strong. It could easily work with just 15%.
I wonder why assists aren’t more prevalent, we can interrupt attacks of which the game knows who they are targeted at.
We can kill specials that are currently in the process of pouncing/grabbing a teammate. The game should have the data.

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I’d say leave SS as it is and bring everything else up to speed. Melee is so much fun right now, anything toning it down would be rather sad. If anything, it would be nice to get more offensive options that are not tied to crits. Like, getting more headshot damage or getting bonuses from scoring headshot kills, hitting the same target multiple times increasing attack speed for a short while.

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The entire crit procing traits have always been a bad idea with the ability to reliably enhance the crit chance by +200-500%. I suggest to increase the base chance of every career to 10% and remove the crit chance property from weapons or the tinket to reduce the insane specability down to +50-100%.
The addition of direct crit chance bonuses to certain weapon attacks ranging from +10-95% was a horrible idea IMHO and must at least be reduced to 5% on fast attacks.
Leaving a max crit chance of 20% (excluding pyro and weapon attacks).

Resourceful Combatant

Used to reduce your cooldown by 2s for every target hit during a crit.
Reduces cooldown by [value] once per crit. (2s felt nice for most careers I used it on but I’m not sure.)

Off Balance

Must stack with everything there is and ever will be. *Wouldn’t hurt all other 20%ers as well
Increase strength to 30%


Make it just increase the push strength or general stagger without any special trigger and rename it or make it ~300% stronger.

Heroic Intervention

Move to ranged weapon or revert it (V1) to proc upon any enemy hit that was attacking another player in melee.


Completely ok leave as is.

Swift Slaying

Completely ok leave as is.


While I’ve argued for an extra set of traits that combine strong, niche bonuses with drawbacks, the current traits shouldn’t have drawbacks, because that’s a good way to encourage players to just pick a blue weapon instead.
But then, swift slaying definitely is in that power range.
So, I wonder:
Couldn’t we make it so traits that trigger an offensive boost on crit, like swift slaying, reduce the crit multiplier?
Say, an inherent 15% reduced crit power?
You trade hit power for follow up speed, and that way it could still be strong and noticeable.
Couldn’t we also have similar sibling traits? Say, a power boost after crits, bonuses on backstab or headshot,
or an extension of parry and opportunist where perfectly timing a block gives you an offensive bonus to immediately strike back?
Say, stun immunity and AP to go with with the opportunist bonus, that will still have it’s use as it’s own trait as it’s applying to more targets?

On my greathammer, opportunist trait works wonders

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