Any plans on (new) or trait reworks?

We have Swift slaying, pretty much on every weapon with some exceptions
opportunist is second
parry is rarely used anymore

I think they should add new traits or rework existing ones to make it so u are not forced to use swift slaying simply because you would do considerably less damage without it.
there was some cool traits in v1, maybe move some over?

idk I feel like there is alot that could be done in this respect, and give people new toys to play with

Sorry to be a downer, mate, but at this point, if there does not exist a very solidly crafted and tested community mod that implements all those changes, they’ll never end up in the game.


Yeah I think pretty much everyone here will agree with you, but it’s been raised and discussed so many times that I think many have given up on ever seeing anything happen on this front.

I’m personally pinning my hopes on the fabled second BBB. If we don’t see trait reworks then, well, were I a betting man, I’d say we probably won’t see them at all. Pity if so though, since traits might be the stalest, most unbalanced meta of them all at this point.

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Wasnt the BBB based of a mod made by incandescent and others? Pretty sure he made a statement about not making more stuff like that.

SS is overall just a problem because
a.) It is tied to critical hits and not only pushes the crit-meta (more crits equal more damage), but also heavily favour heroes who get passive crit bonuses, while penalizing slow weapons. If you have 20%+ crit chance, you can have SS up pretty much all the time in a horde (where you need it the most), even with slow weapons, while at 15% or lower, that is usually not the case.
b.) It has by far the highest utility of all traits, mainly because all other traits are too situational and do not provide much benefit in those situations.

I know that this has been discussed ad nauseum. What’s funny is that for carreers with two melee slots, SS becomes even stronger, simply because you can gear one weapon as your mean damage dealing tool and your other for another purpose. This is especially true for GK, where you can put parry, opportunist or off-balance on your shield and pretty much get the benefit of that trait while not having to forfeit your access to SS. Put off-balance on your Bret-S&S with maxed out BCR, let the horde hit you once, bash, light attack, take out great sword with SS, kill everything. Once SS is up, you can take out your Bret-S&S with increased AS and use charged-light-charged to absolutely demolish armoured targets.

Point is: We need more traits that translate into more damage, but in different ways.

Yeah but FS did promise a second one regardless. So till they say otherwise I’mma assume they’re still planning to do it.

Just like they are planning to fix bugs from more than 2 years ago that are still/back in the game? :sweat_smile:

Just like they were planning to update the weapons by themselves, at a good time, when incandescent&co came along and basically did it for them?

Yep i do believe they would like to do it, i have a serious lack of faith in the idea that it might be anytime soon without a lot of external help…which to be fair the ongoing mess does not help at all.

But even without covid i´d be surprised if we even heard any news about something like that before the start of…October this year. That since both darktide, chaos wastes and the massive backlog of bugs require attention. A lot of attention.

Preaching to the choir there my dude. I don’t expect it soon but I do think they’ll probably get round to it eventually.

We’ll see though.

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