No Swift slaying/scrounger or equivalent to them

Pretty much they are most of time mandatory traits because rest are joke dont offer same benefits. If there wont be speed ups or ammo rewards other traits atleast can shine.

Ofc that work for same idea typically same offensive boosting trait (aka if there will be 15% more power when killed enemy it will be picked instead of swift slaying if there is no ss)

In that way there will be way more interesting builds other than swift slaying on everything

I like some traits in general, but rather then removing those two I would prefer to make more interesting alternatives


And still wont be used because those 2 are just too strong in just literally what they do. In that way entry way for higher difficultes for new players will be lower because they wont need to have that ss

We don’t know that yet. If some of the more interesting ones out of the Chaos Wastes will get used (maybe less of them crit-triggered), like the Metal weave one, they might be a nice alternative, even more so for non-crit based convicts/their careers. For Vermintide 2 of course as well.

I hear what you’re saying, but the problem is that without scrounger, a lot of ranged weapons are unusable except on some careers. Try using the repeater pistol outside of the BH class, for example :frowning:

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So you want bandaid fix instead of fixing core problem.

I respectfully disagree. Parry, swift slaying, etc, were used because they were basically the only traits worth using. Make other options more appealing and you’ll see more variety.

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No they wont be more used because main thing in this game is actually killing, and only trait that boost it is swif slaying (ironically its evene mathematically better than resourcfull for most characters because per hit ult regen)

Even defensive capabilites because your attack is faster you can block faster

Yeah that’s really bad, I agree with you. Many things should get a fix, but I still disagree with removing scrounger. It would hurt classes which already have trouble sustaining ammo pretty badly, while not impacting the others.

Not really, no class have problem with ammo if its not wasting on stupid things, even on cata. Some weapons just sucks, but thats not scounger fix

I wasn’t aware of that
hmmm…yeah that is really bad

That’s true, but I hate not being able to choose my weapon. Until they rework them, scrounger is at least a small fix for some of them.

I would assume since the game has more ranged combat focus then v1+2 the ammunition availeability will be somewhat different anyway
probably higher magazine caps and more stations with at least limited ammo supply
I can’t say anything for sure but if there are parts where ranged combat is needed it is probably given that people get a refill before that
or maybe even something like a third weapon slot (pistol) which is weaker but has unlimited ammo (probably not unlimited)

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