Resourceful Combatant needs some love

This subject hasn’t been raised in a while, but I think it bears mentioning. Resourceful combatant needs a tweak, as the 4 second condition has run it to the ground. I’ve had multiple players assure me that maths’ been run, and there’s no reason to use it over swift slaying, even if you were to forgo all the other pros of the latter, and focus on CDR alone.
I’m not sure about how to balance it (maybe remove the condition? IIRC the biggest problem with it was that for cleave crit every enemy hit reduced the cooldown, not just the first. If that’s true, the 4 seconds condition might no be needed), but it needs some love regardless.

In something which is totally not advertisement for my own threads, I welcome you to read this thread from a while ago:

Overture - Melee Traits - Warhammer: Vermintide 2 / Feedback - Fatshark Forums (

Maybe you have already seen it. TLDR: Nerf Swift Slaying, change the rest to fill the freed application niches.

EDIT: For those who don’t want to read another thread or discuss Ressourceful Combatant specifically. The idea is to remove the CDR on hit from Swift Slaying and change Ressourceful Combatant so that it no longer needs critical hits to be activated. Instead it will increase CDR on hit and getting hit which makes it more applicable on careers with less crit chance and more consistent and easier to balance.