Resourceful Combatant Not Working

The melee weapon trait “Resourceful Combatant” is not working. The ranged version, “Resourceful Sharpshooter” is working properly, but the melee version is not. I have tested this on Pyromancer with Fire Sword, and seen corroboration from others on forums.


This issue is honestly quite confusing to me,
because someone else I met when doing quickplay legend said “Resourceful Sharpshooter” has been broken for 2 months.
Maybe he meant both? I really have no idea, but maybe we’ll get some insights on the next patch notes.

Has been presumably fixed by a mod, it’s Fatshark’s turn.

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Wait I was using it within the last few days and it was definitely proccing on rapier pistol with BH.

Nevermind. You were correct.

RC procs with rapiers alt fire pistol.

Seems weird. It does not proc with melee, but does proc with alt fire ranged attack. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Are you referring to just rewards cooldown on crit?. Because I wasn’t running that.

I’ve reported this before. If you look at the code the resourceful combatant trait shares a function with the ranged version and they recently (months ago) added code that restricts the common function to work only with ranged attacks.

I presume this was intended to prevent proccing it with shotgun bashes, but it was implemented wrong, so it affects both the melee and ranged version.


Even if it wasn’t bugged I’d never recommend anyone ever use it over swift slaying. Swift slaying improves cooldown on top of increasing damage and closing windows for enemies to attack through.

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You might get it on chaos wastes so even if the trait is trash it should work.


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