Sanctioned Operative Ostensus skin

Issue Description:
Can you guys put some physics or at least a bit of effort into rigging the waist rope, on the Psyker Sanctioned Operative Ostensus skin

It’s not exactly a free outfit, and for a paid skin that’s not exactly quality is it
I know physics come with a performance cost, but you have outfits with capes, can you please consider making this rope’s rigging look better than a plank

The outfit also has all kinds of clipping issues, i can understand some degree of that when mixing up skins from different outfits, but can you at least make sure that’s not the case for a single piece not interacting with anything but itself

Frankly i kinda feel like a chump for spending money on something so poorly polished

Steps to Reproduce:
Spend actual money for a skin that ended up rigged by the 16 year old temp or something

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Rope of shame



Well it’s not in the patch notes but it has been fixed as of today, so thank you for that

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