Status of the Deimos Mk VId Rebreather graphic bug

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It’s been a month since this bug has been reported (see those threads:
-Hair removed from Deimos MK VIA Rebreather
-Psyker helmet removing hair
-Bald skin bug after the patch
-EDIT: and this new one as well: Deimos MK VIA Rebreather still has hair disabled)
And to this day it is still ongoing.
The threads above have been marked as “acknowledged” but nothing more.
Can someone from Fatshark at least tell us if they’re working on it, if it’s supposed to look this way or something? Because I would like to know if I have to ask for a refund or not.
I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that wouldn’t have bought the skin if it was supposed to look this way. At least let us have to option to toggle it.
Please respond.
Thanks in advance.

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Equip the cosmetic.

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Constant (100%)

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PC - Steam


Again, this post is “acknowledged” but no response on the matter.


Up twice!

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I’m still not playing Psyker ever since this bug happened, and nothing of Fatshark giving any semblance of effort in correcting it.

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Hotfix today, and still nothing


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