Same hotkey for "weapon special attack" and "reload / vent" ?

Hello :slight_smile:

The keybinding menu already allows for some different actions to be combined into the same hotkey, such as “jump” and “strafe”, or more recently, “ping” and “social wheel”.

However, “reloading / venting” and “weapon special” have to be bound to two different buttons.

Only two weapons use the special key : the rapier (pistol shot) and bows on WayStalker (zoom). The reload button doesn’t do anything for these.

I am constantly re-affecting one of the thumb buttons of my mouse to either of those, as it feels very natural to use it to vent (as Sienna), to reload (when using a handgun / crossbow etc), or to shoot (as Saltz with rapier).

Not only is it quite tedious, but it creates a situation where I have to choose between the two, specifically when playing Saltz with a rapier and a crossbow.

Should anyone care, I usually choose to use the special rapier shot on Zealot / WHC because it has some nice breakpoints, and go for faster crossbow reloading on BH.

So please, Fatshark, can you simply add an entry in the keybindings menu that allows for both “reloading / venting” and "weapon special " to be bound to the same key ?

It would be a great, simple QoL improvement for me and I’m sure that anyone who plays all classes would agree :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !


This is a good idea, it would be a simple change that would maker life a lot easier.

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