Feature request: Combined Reload/Special Attack keybind

Currently VM2 does not allow multiple keybinds for the same command, or binding more than one command to the same key (that would also be nice to have). The exception to this is combined function buttons like jump/dodge. I’d like to request another combined function in the form of Reload/Special Attack. I don’t think there would be any control conflicts with that combination because the only weapons in the game with a special attack do not need to be manually reloaded because they are melee weapons (like the rapier pistol) or the special function only works when the weapon is already loaded (elf bows).

In particular this would make it easier for players to use bardin’s throwing axes because you could bind the reload function to the mouse while retaining the existing R keybind. This makes it easier to hold down the reload button to retrieve your axes while also using WASD, dodging, jumping etc with your other hand.


Good idea.


People talking about the QoL again… thats a paddling.

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