Vent/peril keybind

Suggestion: change the vent bind on staves to the ‘Weapon Special’ or make it a seperate keybind on its own. Why? Right now to vent out your peril level you need to hold R which makes dodging to the right direction quite impossible/unergonomic.

Other solution would be to introduce option to toggle the vent instead of holding reload bind so you could just tap the R and keep dodging to directions. Every other action than dodging or jumping would ofc interrupt the vent process.

Just put reload on one of your mouse’s thumb buttons. Might take a bit to get the muscle memory down for that but it works really well.

I feel you.

In Vermintide 2 i can add a secondary keybind to reload.

so it´s “R” and mouse Thumbbutton.

I can not do this in Darktide unfortunately