Sallet helmet for Kruber

Can we get a Sallet helmet for Mercenary Captain and Foot Knight? Perhaps one with an open one for Mercenary and one with a gorget/bevor for Foot Knight. I think the helmets look really cool so thats why I want them added.


image <—Open Sallet

<----8th edition model

Foot Knight:

<-Medieval Sallet with gorget/bevor

Some of the Knights of the Empire can be seen using the Sallet like for example the Demigryph Knight in the middle

But from what I have seen its only them who wear the Sallet, the Reiksguard and other orders only seem to wear Armets from what I have seen. The Sallet would be still cool on Foot Knight but probably without the wings.


While we’re at it, can Fatshark please get the Scarred-Close Helm on Mercenary and all of the hats compatible with the V1 skins? In fact, could Fatshark do that for all of the V1 skins?


You should probably know that it will look similar to this:

Well yes, of course. A lot of headgears look similar in this game, just like how the Ironset Laurels looks like the Grim Gatekeeper. Or how half of Ironbreakers helmets look indentical. Similarity between headgear’s shouldn’t stop you from adding more.


<----8th edition model

This is a miniature from the Imperial/Freeguild Greatswords kit. A very nice set, from which many interesting bitz are taken and adapted into the Vermintide - hеads, flambergs and especially an axe for Witchhunter.

So yes, definitely worth to continue this good work.

P.S: Also, I think it’s better to make this helmet for the Mercenary only.
Firstly, the Mercenary doesn’t have many “real” metal helmets.
Secondly, as I understand it, we have a system - unique hats for each career.

Ain’t it looks ugly tho?

I think both of the careers should have their own unique one as I suggested. Having the helmet only for Merc because he doesn’t have any steel helmets doesn’t really make sense. Also, this system for unique hats for each career can always be changed since the cosmetics don’t have to be paid ones, so I see it as fair.

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The class of the mercenary is inspired by the lance man units from the middle ages and they dont wear steel helmets

That’s not what I said. For example, there is already a very cool “steel” helmet: “Estalian Conquistador”. Which is very valuable to me, as it is a reference to the legendary Dogs of War Regiment of Renown Pirazzo’s Lost Legion.

It is in this sense that I approve of the transfer of specimens from miniatures to Vermintide.

So yeah, helmet from the Greatsword set should definitely be in the game, as I said.

But for the Foot Knight, I would like to see more much refined and decorated helmets based on Reiksguard miniatures. Especially more feathers. :bird:

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Well more specifically an Empire Greatsword is based off a landsknecht warrior, which is was what Markus was in the first game and what he basically is in the second. Generally they wear landsknecht hat but they’d wear any protection they could get, like a sallet for example. Regardless the Empire Greatswords in Warhammer does wear a sallet, which is a steel helmet, so he should get it as a headgear.

Oh yeah I forgot about that one.

A Reiksguard helmet would be very nice, I think the helmet was actually in some trailers for V2, don’t know why it was removed. I believes it’s an Armet, anyway I think a Sallet for Footknight would be nice as well.


Here’s what I found:

This, as I understand it, is concept-art from the good old Warhammer: Mark of Chaos RTS.

It’s suitable?

P.S:To Developers: add more feathers, please. And a funny description, like a reference to the Mark of Chaos or just the era of emperor Magnus the Pious / Great War against Chaos.


Flail and Shield!

Actually, with this picture I wanted to tell that that type of helmets and Kruber’s mustache doesn’t blend well :smiley:

I meant lanzenknechte in German I googled the translation and it gave me the lance man didn’t know its landsknecht in english but I meant the same

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Apologies for the small offtopic.

Thanks for the good idea! In the video trailers, I found a couple of interesting points:

^^ Is that what you mean? It’s Laurel Helm.

^^ Looks good, but without much detail.

^^ And this is the Ironside Helmet of the Nuln Ironsides, armoured handgunners regiment of Imperial Gunnery School. This helm was in V1, as a bonus for the Collector’s Edition Upgrade DLC.
With such background, it would be better for Mercenary, not for Foot Knight. But now I don’t see it in the game anyway.

P.S: And finally - it’s entertaining:

Familiar hat, isn’t it?


Yeah that was the helmet I was referring too. It looked like a Reiksguard helmet from the distance but it looks worse from up close. It looks more like they glued a bird feather to a helmet than an actual bloom but anyways.

Thematically I think it would be better for Huntsman, since you know he shoots stuff but It would make enough sense on both Merc and Huntsman.

Total War one has a neck guard! I feel jealous. And those other variations… Looks so nice.