I miss my german stahlhelm :D

can fatshark add my favourite dwarf hat. i want to be a german once again :smiley:

It’s probably in the Bögenhafen Strongbox. Good Luck

lol i cannot open boxes atm. but i sure hope its in them :smiley:

that helmet looks really cool

I`d Love to see the Deathhead again. Its an Epic one for Mercenary Kruber!

PLease add that Baby, and while u do this, please add Hammerer Helmet and longer Chainmail for Bardin. The Legs should be Covered!

Was the candle helmet for Barden called the Nuff Boga or something like that?

@Roibr There’s already a kind-of-death-head. Knight Kruber has god a full helm with a skull face and gold laurel wreath around it. Closest you’re gonna get so far I think…

Yeah, but for Knight Kruber it is and its not even Close… ;-(

Ostermark Death Heads, Plz Bring Back!!!

yes it is :smiley:

okay i found MOrs Mask in the internet XD

You can already acquire it? or is it locked until DLc Event and such?

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