Give Kruber some hair

It’s been like this since launch, i realize that, but now that we have several helmetless cosmetics for Kruber it REALLY stands out.

What am i referring to?


Kruber 3 Kruber 4

His hair was probably never meant to be seen up close, so they never bothered to model it properly, but given the “new cosmetics” it just really looks bad, especially if you compare it to something like this:

So, what am i asking? Im asking Fatshark to please give him some actual hair, and not somekind of plastic coating with pubes loosly attached to it. Other then that, he looks great !


Yes! It just looks so awful right now in comparison to his beard. So out of place.


Then one could fix the clipping through at the hats, whereby not only Kruber is a candidate for it,

also at Bardins hoods, the fur collar pierces through the fabric.

And it is not only a display error in the store.



let’s give him and saltzpyre a mullet they can equip

That could also work, just add a bunch of hairstyles instead of hats. So that i can have Bardin with bangs


and glasses:

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I vote to fix the clipping issues with the hair/hat issue.


It kinda makes me sad that you guys are making fun of my bald spots… I mean, dood, I’m like in my 40s now. I can’t help it :cry: