New Valaya's Hearthguard clipping issue

The new, higher shoulder pads work even worse with Bardin’s beard than his regular ones…

It would be appreciated if you’d just lower them a bit, so the clipping isn’t as prevalent.
Also, that would correct the floaty feeling of them, too. At i get that feeling from them.

Yer shoulder’s kinda clippin in yer face there, dawi.

That’s how real Iron Breakers wear an eye patch, good solid steel instead of unprotective leather stripes… Bardin just learned from his Slayer mistakes. :man_shrugging:

At least it looks somewhat decent! When I clicked on the new Kruber skin today I also thought, ok the thumbnail looks maybe a bit exaggerated but… and then came the preview of the 3D model and I almost fell off the chair at the sight of these pants! Why do Saltz and Kruber have to look like street clowns…? :scream:

Because that’s how they roll in the Empire.

Why do Saltz and Kruber have to look like street clowns…?

Because it’s a great ‘Easter Egg’. Here can be considered as based on real history:

Emperor Maximilian I

When Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I formed the first Landsknecht company in 1487, he intentionally exempted the soldiers from harsh laws regulating consumption on clothing and food. Because their lives tended to be “brutish and short,” the emperor urged them to wear distinctively outlandish garb. Not only did slashed sleeves and bold colors unify the troops, but the attire made the Landsknechte an ostentatious and recognizable force fighting in the emperor’s name.

Also, I am sure these new skins are based on some art from the WFRP books, which I cannot but approve. Moreover, if this is a new style of the Empire in the “new” OLd World, then it is simply wonderful.

I love such bright colors and bizarre and grotesque shapes. :japanese_goblin:

I will certainly be happy to buy this cosmetics … BUT only after solving the problems of duplicated hats and undesructible Heroic Deeds that are overweight my inventory.

I’m not that involved in Warhammer lore and honestly wouldn’t spend the time to research it, so thanks for the explanation.

It’s fine that people like the skins, I just hope that this style doesn’t necessarily apply to all classes and future skins. In any case, it didn’t meet my taste. Even if it certainly increases the sales significantly to produce as eye-catching, crazy skins as possible (Pigmar was a similar approach) it would be nice to get a little more of that dark Vermintide atmosphere back again.

Btw @FatSharkJulia is it possible to refund the skins we bought through Lohners Emporium? Steam no longer offers this option with this concept.

@JayJay where exactly did you buy this skin? The ingame Emporium “Acquire” button is not responding (I can click it but nothing is happening) and I can’t seem to find these cosmetic items on the Steam Store page.

I bought it through the Emporium, do you have th steam overlay installed? I think that is needed for buying.

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Ooooh… yeah, I don’t have the overlay, thank you! :smiley:


No wait, I have it, it’s the old Overlay which you open with SHIFT + TAB?