Markus Kruber Foot Knight Helmet

Why is the Foot Knight helmet different to how it was in the promotional art and alpha? All the other characters look the same so why did you have to change his appearance? Before Markus actually looked like a knight but with his new default helmet I don’t know what he looks like.

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Don’t worry, that helmet was a cosmetic item in Vermintide 1, and it will definitely be a cosmetic item in Vermintide 2. Just a guess, but I think they were trying to make him look as badass as possible in the trailers and previews, but for the release they wanted Kruber’s face showing to give him more character appeal.

Just for the record I don’t like his new helmet at all.

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This bucket on his head is one of the reasons why I want the V1 skins to work on every career

I hope you are right about it being a cosmetic item. Still ,I don’t see why I have to grind to actually make my character look like a knight. It should have been the default item with the rare cosmetics consisting of more elaborate knight helmets like that of the Reiksguard in Total War Warhammer. I mean the bounty hunter has a helmet that more closely resembles a 16 th century knight helmet.

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