Saddest ingame shop in gaming

A repeat and a reskin once a month is the most pathetic shop I’ve ever seen in a game period.

Idk what you don’t understand fatshark if you tried with the shop and actually delivered on things the community have been screaming for the last year. The store would be significantly more profitable.

The store needs to cycle weekly at the latest and actually sell new stuff. Guard regimental outfits would be a great start 2 (krieg and steel legion) in the span of a year is just a horrendously missed opportunity.


I agree and also a way to grind prmium currency would go a long way to help their reputation i think

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They dont care about its quality. Its made for console gaming. Like you can sell any sh*t on mobile, and most mobile games are literal scams. In the same way they made this crap with console players in mind. Where its way more easier to sell some garbage because their customers have no standards. Also I doubt its fatshark running this. Vermintides shop looked very different. And that was introduced before they sold majority to tencent.


what i find the most sad and pathetic is that with all the source material that fatshark has to work with within the 40k universe, and all the resources at their disposal, what we currently have is the best they can offer… that’s just so incredibly sad.

i still cannot believe how bad the vet’s korps outfits turned out. part of me just wants to buy it because of what it is, but the vet’s in particular just looks ridiculously terrible. i actually feel bad for the people that spent money buying it, or for those people who actually think it looks good… because it objectively looks bad. i really hope they have some plans to fix the entire set at some point, because, DAMN.

i won’t say everything looks bad, though, because there are individual pieces that i like a lot, but i can honestly say that there isn’t an actual set that i think looks good. i’ve mixed and matched individual things to make a my outfits, but i’ve never seen a bundled one that i thought looks good as-is.

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