Sacrifical Goat or Random Generator

Dear Fatshark,

I now have 15 red trinkets. That’s one for every profession on every hero. Nobody needs that many trinkets. I’ve also got 7 charms, 7 weapons, and 2 necklaces. Those are mostly ok but the charms are starting to get out of hand.

Can someone please take a look at the random generator to see if it’s malfunctioning? It’s either that or I need to sacrifice a goat.

I think that rng is functioning allright. The problem is drop chance, which, i think, any jewery(trinket amul. e.t.c.) has same as all weapon’s drop chance

So the random generator is working perfectly fine.

There has been enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that something may be wonky with the RNG, mostly apparent when rerolling properties a lot. If there are troubles, it’s likely that they would appear when opening a large amount of boxes too.

The drop rates seem to behave, but it seems that the RNG may get stuck on certain results at times. FS is looking into it.

Considering jewellery drop rates, those are certainly somewhat high. If they are based on slots used, jewellery should drop in three cases out of five. Unfortunately, trouble is that while jewellery is shared between characters and careers, weapons are not, so the real need is closer to 10/3 weapons/jewellery. That would likely drop too much weapons, though, but adjusting the drop rates for weapons compared to jewellery up some would help with the duplicates issue, and let us equip our characters well that bit sooner, and through those reduce any frustrations, too. I haven’t had a good luck with reds , but having eight orange necklaces, even after trashing some several times is a bit much, especially when I need to still craft new weapons if i want an alternate build for some.

All this also clutters our inventory a lot, and force us to pay a lot of attention when cleaning it up. “Now which of these necklaces was the one I looked at before that I could use on someone… Or at least use as a base for something useable?”

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