Red dropped jewelry type seemingly affected by the character opening the crate

Issue Summary:

I have almost always opened any vaults found with Saltzpyre. Got 10 red weapons, which is fine, and 8 jewels, which is also fine. What is not fine however, is that every single one of the jewels was a charm, and not a single trinket or necklace. I also tried opening vaults as Kerillian, and I got 2 red trinkets, but no necklace or charm. Granted, the case with Kerillian is pretty unconvincing, but when you put it all together, it seems incredibly unlikely to happen just based on RNG. So either I am reporting a bug which causes red jewels to drop to certain characters by type, or informing the person responsible for this being an actual feature that there is a new flavor of bleach available at Walmart.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get some vaults.
  2. Get reds from them.
  3. See if you only get 1 type of jewelry per character.

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%) (well, so far for me anyways)

Interesting, I opened nearly 90% of all my legend chests on Kerillians, and I got tons of necklaces and trinkets. Now that I’m opening on bardin, salty and kruber, I’m catching up with charms. Most likely just bad RNG? But who knows…

If your first 8 red jewelry items were indeed all charms, that is indeed unlikely. The odds are 1 in 6561.

Unlikely but not impossible by any stretch. You’d need a lot bigger sample size to prove patterns across heroes.

Nitpick: Unless you specifically hate getting charms (as opposed to necklaces or trinkets), the first one doesn’t matter practically speaking; the subsequent sequence of 7 of same jewellery does. Thus we can drop the exponent by one resulting in odds of 1 in 2187.

Or in math:
P(8 of the same jewellery) = P(first jewellery is any of the possible jewelleries) * P(jewellery is the same as the first)^7
P(8 of the same jewellery) = 1 * (1/3)^7


Incredibly unlikely RNG things happen all the time. What are the odds that you would get two trinkets, three necklaces, and three charms, in the order of T-C-T-N-N-C-N-C ? the same incredibly unlikely odds, but if that happened you wouldn’t think anything of it because it wouldn’t “seem” unlikely on the surface.

Humans have an incredible strength for finding patterns but sometimes this really bites us in the arse.


Aaaand I finally dropped another red item as Saltzpyre after like 10 vaults, and surprise surprise, it is another charm. I have 9 freakin charms now (all dropped as Saltzpyre), 10 weapons, and 2 trinkets that have dropped for me when opening as Kerillian. There is no way in hell this is coincidental, there must be some bug involved.

At the same time, my friend confirmed that he has found both red trinkets and red charms as his main (Bardin), so clearly this isn´t a universal problem but rather something specific to me/some group of people, assuming it actually isn´t just an impossible coincidence of course.

All players use the same scripts as each other when generating loot on the back end. If a bug was present it would be present for any and all players. Having looked over things, nothing appears out of whack.


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