RV smokebomb crash at weave portal at the keep!

If you play RV and throw down a smoke bomb with thp talent equipped the game will crash for you shortly after the countdown, while the host won’t face any problems at all.

Thats not all though, it also makes you unable to join the same host again.

Found that out with my weaves group today, it was on weave 85 when I remember correctly …

Note we all restarted afterwards and replicated the situation three times, same results …

Be carefull with your smokebomb at portals!

i already did a post about that crash, i didnt know about the rejoining part, tho. The crash also happens for the portals outside of weaves and for portals at the end of a level.

Good to know ^^

Seems the smokebomb has some world ending powers …

'tis cause its a nuke.

Game(session) is over when it gets used.
It´s only a bit more nuclear than the pain of the poor buggers who get their balls hammered in the smoke, and Bardin feels no shame in telling the others that hitting someone´s face is a low blow : p

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