RNG in shops needs to be altered or done away with entirely

I’m currently working on leveling my Psyker. I’m lvl 14. And no Psyker weapons are appearing in the shop anymore. I also noticed that as I gained levels as a Psyker, the main types of weapons I unlocked were swords and rifles. But I’ll set that aside for now.

The way I see it, if you aren’t giving the various classes the weapons they’re designed to use, you’re basically forcing them to try to be some other class. Like imagine if the Veteran went to the shop, and all they had for him were Ogryn weapons, or if the Ogryn went to the shop, only to find Zealot weapons.

The way the shop SHOULD work is every weapon a player is able to use and has unlocked should be available in all it’s various Mk versions. So for example, there would be a lazgun, and the player could choose it, then chose the Mk version they were interested in. AFTER that, the RNG would take effect deciding the strength of the weapon and so on.

The way it is currently has put me in the situation of being unable to attain the weapons specifically designed for my class, thus forcing me to play as some nerfed, weak version of another class. There is no real reason for the shop to quite this intensely RNG as to cause this to happen.