Ripperguns need their magazine capacity doubled

Being a half of Ogryns arsenal the Ripper guns are not really enjoyable to play because of the abysmal mag capacity. Why would i ever deploy the stabilizer handle with such a small mag capacity? The Stubber and the Grenadier Gauntlet deal much better in close quarter than the Rippergun and thats sad because its literally a shotgun. Its already a short ranged, inaccurate weapon, double its magazine capacity and let us enjoy using it instead of reloading every 5 seconds.


Its do on purpose. Because ogruns love to shoot spiky people. If magazines have more ammo - ogryns shoots it faster. Loreaccurate.

Commisah says that no more ammo for ogryns.

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Lore states fire rate limiters on the gun (how fast it can fire, ie burst fire and not full auto) not limited magazine capacity.

Which variant are you using? The high dmg per shot one is fine and serves a purpose for a quick clear and suppression. Others feel garbage.

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All three have garbage magazine capacity, even the low damage one with the highest capacity has low mag capacity. Instead of reloading every 5 seconds i could a) Smash the enemies around with my Grenadier Gauntlet b) Use the Stubber in close combat without deploying the handle and enjoy a 120+ magazine.

The Rippergun’s low capacity makes it an unpleasant hassle to play.

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I got a gun with 22/122. I used to roll with 19. the blind fire 3 burst round seems OK if the clip is 18+. That gives you six volleys.

Depends how close, to me. If they in striking range, you have to switch to melee yes. The gauntlet maybe better because of its special shot. If you are prepared with the ripper and already aiming the gun, the ripper is devastating to trash mobs/ragers/shotgunners of each variant.

I think it’s quite accurate, unless blind fired.

I find it very fun and no hassle

Six volleys for a gun that takes 2 seconds to deploy with a limited range and accuracy, interesting.

So is the Stubber and it has 120+ magazine.
Im not asking for 120 on the Ripper, 50-60 would be enough.

You’re not killing sniper on the other side of the bridge, unlike the Grenade launcher, Grenadier Gauntlet or the deployed Stubber.

Thank you for your input. My opinion stands and its low magazine ammo does indeed make it a hassle to play, for me.

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no, you misunderstand. Six volleys on blind fire (since you shoot 3 round-burst without deploy). You can shoot burst rounds of 2 if deployed or shoot the clip empty.

This is my problem with the rng weapon system. Everyone has there own weapon stats, there is no base to even have this discussion on. An image of the weapon you are referring to as un-enjoyable and abysmal would be nice, so people can see the stats of the gun you are using. We can only assume you’re using a gold. If you using a green or blue and deciding the gun is not for you, its not very fair to throw it in the trash.

That being said, if you don’t like the playstyle of a weapon and move on, thats fine, im not here to convince you otherwise, if anything it will harder your resolve of why you dont like it.

Another failing of the RNG system.

You’re right, sniper is an issue. The only one that is reliable, to me, is the grenade launcher. The gaunlet grenade explodes after 40 meters? (im not sure). How many rounds of the stubber does it take to knock out a sniper(range of bridge)? I would imagine after 40 meters you may have more value throwing your grenade box.

Hitting the nail on the head there

Ripper’s stats are near the bottom. Wanted to share it for perspective.

According to that, the Ripper has very high dps. That ammo count is pretty low, too. Looking like 22 or 18 rounds in the mag and 125 or 104 max. Can’t tell you what the minimum clip size or ammo range is, not at home and I don’t see any info on that out there on the web. You can find the min-max stats in the inspect menu grayed out.

I would like it if the max clip size was 30 and the max reserve was 180, because I like even numbers and having 6 full mag dumps is honestly plenty for Ogryn.

On the flip side, I think minimums might be the more important factor here. I remember my first ripper at low levels was quite bad! Something like 13 in the clip and 70 reserve with a forever reload time and no stability.

Also, that Mk 5 Ripper :grimacing:
Mk 6 has a neat spread pattern when braced for horde clear. But mk 5 is all down grades.


Mk II for me works best, anything inside 25 meters gets dumpstered.

The only 3 things you have to account while running a ripper gun is

  1. snipers farther than 30 meters
  2. Carapace
  3. Bulwarks

If you run a melee weapon that can accommodate Carapace you should be well rounded. Bulwarks have to be kited(kite around them or to team for help). I just bait their heavy swing since it leaves them open for a counter.

The option for sniper, for me, is the double distance sprint, which can close the distance between shots to either open with said ripper fire or melee. (If you know your team isn’t actively lining up a shot.)

Also, @Dexta

This must mean you’re running around with your melee weapon out. Maybe try walking around with your gun equipped, so you don’t have to switch to since that seems a pain point for you.

Rippers make up for their ammo capacity with burst damage in varying cone sizes. I think they’re great if used the way they’re made to be used. A lot of the weapons in this game are often griped about for people wanting them to be another gun, but it’s good that they’re not the same or it would be boring.

I kinda feel like Rippers should get more ammo back from small ammo bags and Vet coherency. In the usual team set up I can straight up spam the Rumpler because it has such high ammo sustain, and nothing else comes close even the stubber. But yeah the 2 Rippers that have weak damage but some range don’t have nearly enough of either. The point blank trade off is huge and you’re still firing multiple times to take out shooters. Swapping off before the third shots fired makes it better than M6 all around because it still has full auto M2.

Im not asking for better accuracy or more range, im asking for a larger magazine capacity so i can use my deployable assault shotgun as a deployable assault shotgun.

They’re pretty balanced as is, the damage output is very high for a short period of time. More ammo with the same damage, rate of fire and cone of fire would be pretty OP. Maybe they will though, who knows.

Plz just stop. This is a PVE game. Im going to play the same maps a billion times. I am going to play all weapons a billion times. I want them all to be fun. It will still have its horrible recoil, accuracy and range. I just want to actually use and not reload every 5 seconds with that inane reload animation where the Ogryn cant fit the mag in properly the first time.


A full magazine at current capacity limits is enough to decimate most targets and groups, even at longer range. Making it a full auto heavy machinegun is not only excessive, but it diminishes the heavy stubbers role.

Typically I don’t care about a weapon being OP, unless it steps on the identity of another weapon, which imo this change would do.

I am not asking it to have 120 rounds like the stubber

I am not asking it to have the range of the stubber

I am not asking for accuracy or recoil buffs, im asking for a 40-50 round mag that i dont have to reload every 5 seconds.

this can literally be done by the Stubber by firing it un-deployed in a crowd in front of you.

On Heresy+ it takes half a a mag from the Ripper to kill a rager. Its not as bad as the Thunder hammer but its in that general area of being an almost one trick pony having decent dps but everything else is garbage, range,recoil,accuracy,mag capacity, inability to shoot single shots etc, due to “muh balance”

All im asking for is a bigger mag size.

Being able to drop a rager that fast is pretty good.

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It’s fine where it is. There are trade-offs to all weapons. I find it annoying that my heavy stabber is not armour piercing (it’s a bloody vehicle-mounted machine gun) but it would be completely over powered if it was.

When I use the ripper I try to work around its limited ammo capacity, but I do understand why it is in place.

Also, the subjective feel of any weapon is something that I try to stay away from and the objective data that FS collects I don’t have access to.

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I Feel you “PAL” but i think 30-50 is okay to Tweak it to depending on which Version you use, and how much AMMO Stat maybe also. There needs to be a downside aswell. But this should be tweaked accordingly to Color on the Weapons.
Stubber has a bigger Mag but the Accuracy is pretty Bad when shooting too long and as less DMG per Bullet.

Absolutely Agree. MKII is a beast. My Fav Ripper aswell.
But as OP suggested, bigger Mags are needed.
“AT LEAST” on the Blue Version. This baby shoots so fast its empty i like 2,5 seconds, ort so it feels. and the DMG is not so Great comapred to MkII. i would really like to see at least Blue Version with a 30- 50round Mag to make up for DMG. As stated i other Topics, Blue Version are normally a waste. Theres only Lucius and maybe Rippergun to a degree its anykind of Good to have this versions. Green and Brown Versions are far superior.

As you can see, it makes also no sense that your MkII has bigger Mag than mine and i have max Ammo… :rofl: :thinking: If one should have bigger Mags it should be me, Understand :joy:
No really, i ahve less DMG, higher Firerate and have smaller Mag?!

Got absolutely bloody Lucky in Sire Melks shop one Day. However it was not MKII sadly, sadly sadly.
The Firerate here is mcuh higher of course then MKII. And has ca. 170DMG less tha yours. ANd you will notice this drastically, i assure you. Theres Day and NIght when shooting this one even 380 and a lower end MkII.
I still play this of course caue it has iMO the best Perks you can get for it, albeit if you do crit build maybe. But iMO Maniacs Perk is a must on Ripper. Its just made for RIpping them apart.

I disagree however on Carapace to a certain degree. On Crusher yes, its practically useless. But on Maulers which also have, albeit only partially Carapce Armor. It super good.
Just use Hipfire when they are close and you can sometimes oneshot them with a burst. This goes for lots of heavier enemies. No time for Bracing and not needed.