Rigtheous Stand - Missing walls while and after elevator ride ---> Patch 2.0 onwards

Last week we finally had some time to play V2 again, to see and get a feel for the new changes.
First map we played was RS and noticed strange graphical bugs while getting up with the elevator after the arena skirmish. Also on the destined story, where the rats crawl out of the wall to ambush you, we noticed something that looks like a missing wall. This was visible to all players (host/client --> no difference).
Screens are below.
I replayed it alone 2 times just with bots to see if those irregularities still occur and to take a couple of screenshots.

In summary: the whole elevator ride looks very glitchy. Sometimes you can look through certain textures (appear to be missing) and some objects just aren’t there at all.
The elevator shaft was always a bit glitchy. After Patch 2.0 it’s way worse. There was no change after further updates.

1.) After arena skirmish --> elevator ride (look around) --> ambush spot
2.) Played the map 5 times (also after new patches), but occured all those times! Even after…

This is one of the worst parts.

This is the ambush spot I mentioned.

And close up.

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