Righteous Stand - elevator problem

In the beginning of the map, there’s an elevator. I was standing in the elevator when one of those green storms occurred outside it. The storm slowly creeped inside the elevator and caught me. I started to spin.
There’s some space between the elevator and the wall, separated by the fence thats part of the elevator. You cant climb or jump it. Thats where I landed.
So I could not get back into the elevator, my team could not use the elevator because I was outside of it.

I had to leave the game.

I remember that you were able to jump into it. (But I think they fixed that)
You mean the gap left from the elevator right?
Well bad luck… They didnt account for Blightstormers :smile:

Yeah. The elevator is a “box” surrounded by a “fence” and if the BS kicks you out of the elevator into the surrounding area, you cant get back. Happened yesterday.

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