Righteous stand

Issue Summary: Stuck/killed in Blight storm.
Caught in blight storm for full duration taking damage

Steps to Reproduce: Unsure

  1. Get caught in the storm as it spawns in the top of the first elevator, almost in the exit door way to continue the room / level (a second character was caught in it at the same time and was thrown clear.)
    Shade: caught and killed
    Slayer: Thrown free
  2. Keeps spinning in air. take damage once per revolution.
  3. Storm ends and die as you hit the ground.

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Sometimes blightstorms pick you up near a wall (or worse, a corner) and then try to eject you towards the wall. But as you cannot fly further, you get picked up again immediately, taking more damage. You are, of course, helpless during the time and it’s all about luck where you get ejected. I wouldn’t consider it a bug as such, but it’s annoying and frustrating anyway. I am strongly on the side of changing the mechanics slightly to prevent this kind of helplessness and frustration, but ultimately, it’s part of the game and the devs’ decision whether it belongs there or not.

Besides, the issue (bug or not) isn’t location specific and I think the title should be a bit more informative anyway.

That might have been happening but as far as I could see all that was happening was I was spinning in the air, Taking more damage from the winds each spin there was no bouncing off anything and hitting the ground and being picked up again, I just kept spinning and taking damage.

What you’re saying might be correct, but if it is I need more visual information as to what is happening. like being thrown to the ground still in the storm and then picked up again.

Well your supposition is not clearly correct to me, this is the only time I’ve had it happen, and your description of similar issues is not clear enough for me to know the behavior is the same. I’m happy to change the title if you’d like. (and I have the permissions to…) Though I’m not sure your actually asking me to do so, or even what impact it might have on any management system.

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