Leeches, Hookrats, etc. Should not be able to grab you when you're in a vortex

Title. When you’re swirling around in a blightstormer vortex, it shouldn’t be possible for disablers to leech/grab you out of the vortex. For one thing, there’s no way for you to dodge while you’re in there, and for two, come on, they wouldn’t be able to hit you!

Here’s a pic of me, valiant solo hero, right after I jumped into a vortex to lead the horde chasing me into it. Leech promptly teleported in and grabbed me.


I agree its a bit Strange that they are not able to Grab you cause of small sidestep (side dodge ) you do with a IB with a heavy shield and like no Dodge range but can pick you out mid air like its nothing…


While I want to agree wholeheartedly I’m not sure it should affect certain units. I think the Chaos Warriors should be able to ignore the storms as the do normally but I do agree that Leeches should not be able to ping you while you’re spinning around in it and Gutter-Runners should promptly die if they enter the storm.

Friendly fire is the name of the game with the Warpfire Thrower and the Ratling Gunner so I’m confused why some units ignore the storm and some don’t… the only one that’ justified, IMO, is the Chaos Warrior (and monster class units, I guess).


I won’t agree or disagree with the suggestion, but I’ll bring out another point of view: the disablers and the Blightstorm can save a player from the other. The storm does a significant amount of (mostly unpreventable) damage, but it’s a set amount; the disablers do damage until you die but you can be fairly easily saved from their clutches (and the Strangler does hardly anything on their own). So a storm can save you from a disabler that’s grabbed you by catching the disabler, and the disablers can pull you out of a storm to where you can be saved (and a predictable location, even). Yes, it’s a funny interaction, but it works both ways, and I’m not sure whether the whole thing is a particularly good or bad thing. To me, it just is.


I’m not sure I can say that I’d want a Gutter-Runner to be able to ignore the storm; half the point of the storm is that if you can’t eliminate it to help your movement forward that you can manipulate its positioning to be beneficial to you. If 1/2 of the Vermintide staff ignore the storms existence, it’s somewhat of a crap-shoot… on about 50 occasions (eh, I’m not counting but the number grows with every passing weekend) I get caught in a blightstorm to promptly die to the horde. The storm is massive and I’m in its dead-center and every member of the horde walks in and starts pummeling me, ignoring the massive circle of “please don’t murder me.”

Uniformity/predictability is key in any game; the Blight-Stormer’s ability to sometimes suddenly screw over a run with unusual mechanics is problematic. If the Blight-Stormer can friendly-fire clan-rats, it needs to friendly-fire everything and should damage-tick a Gutter-Runner off you (if it does damage… I’ve never checked if they actually damage allies or not, but I believe they should). Whether they get CCed or not should be a matter of predictability; if it can lift a Storm-Vermin it should prevent a horde from entering 100% of the time.

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Is this weave 3? I’m pretty sure I did this exact same thing. Played shade on my first run. Played solo on my first run. Ran out of ammo by the end. Had no way of dealing with leeches while kiting chaos warriors and running from storm. Eventually get caught by storm after dodging 3 leeches multiple times. Get leeched right out of there and fail the run. Then play waystalker for more ammo. Get to the end and snipe everything. Win.

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Yeah it’s a bit silly that enemies can grab you out of a mini tornado. like wtf?

Total sidenote, but why can Chaos Warriors just ignore blight storms altogether? The Foot Knight can knock them flying by charging into them, but a swirling death wind does nothing at all, seems inconsistent.

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I agree that on a level of physics it might be inconsistent, the consistency I’d look for (IMO) would be consistency to the effect/creature and never on the situation. Storms specifically should always act on a singular way, but can affect specific units differently. They should never treat a unit differently in 2 different scenarios.

I’ve never seen a Chaos Warrior affected by a storm; I’m okay with that because its consistent to that rule, but I’m not okay with the horde sometimes being swept away.

YES, this was Weave 3, and that was my experience right down to switching characters! I ended up taking Merc and hammer/repeater-ing my way to victory.

I always figured that they’re wearing so much heavy armor, keeps them weighted down to the ground.

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