Right in the Dongliz!

Hi there

Something I love abou this game is that it has lot of action and it’s very funny at the same time.
Please add Bardin’s line “Right in the Dongliz!” to V2!
If Saltz’s line was added, this one could be added too, right?
Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

He already says that.

“Right in the dongliz! That’s a low blow, dawri…” I’m not certain if the first part alone exists in VT2, but that “updated” version certainly does. As do a few other changed versions from VT1 comments.


(As stated above, there’s one with a laugh and one that’s way more low toned and in awe.)

In the dongliz?
That’s a low-blow, dawri…

Let’s not forget Bardin’s remark when Saltzpyre kill a Ratogre…
Right in the Dongliz!

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