Not enough Dongliz

I’ve noticed Bardin does not proclaim to hit things “Right in the dongliz!” nearly as often as he did in Vermintide 1. Can we correct this? Better yet, can we give the Skaven and northlanders Dongliz hitboxes so that when Bardin’s axe makes contact the feedback is immediate and satisfying?

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Most important addition in the history of VT. Absolutely serious! We need dongliz!

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While we’re on the topic, it would be great to have some achievements put in place as well, maybe for the next DLC?

Dongliz Destroyer! - Hit 100 Skaven right in the dongliz.

Dongliz Decemator! - Hit 1000 Skaven right in the dongliz

Dongliz Dongpocalypse - Hit 10000 Skaven right in the dongliz - achievement - dongliz adorned character frame

The Ranger Veteran should get an upgrade as well since he’s probably the least played class for Bardin. Perhaps upgrade his ability so that while he’s invisible, the dongliz hitbox is highlighted predator style so that reaching the achievement goals is easier with him specifically.

Skaven who only have Bardin on their agro table should cover their dongliz’ in fear when they see him use this.


Also, I want this Dongliz-cosmetic for Slayer, complete with animated dong and liz:

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I started a thread about the same!

Haha! right in the Dongliz!" should be added to V2!

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