Rework Exotic Loot Please

Hello Fatshark, we all love your determination for this game and in recent updates it shows us how much you care for this community. Which is really really great!! But now the game has been alive for some months and people are getting Legend on farm. Which means, we are probably doing it because we want exotic loot (mostly anyways). I have opened 250+ Chests (maining waystalker) I got 2 daggers, 2 hagbanes, 5 necks, 2 charms and 3 trinkets. Not to talk about my 20 pages of orange weapons ill never use.

So what can be done?

Red dust. Maybe we can dismantle Red weapons to get red dust?
Turn 3 Reds into random red?

I dont know but this is very sad to see and im not the first one to mention this, ENDGAME is really important, you have great endgame, but this in the end will just end up biting your own ass. Most of my friends who played 300h + quit because of this. AND ONLY THIS. They are tired of not getting rewarded for their hard effort.

Much Love.

Orange is Exotic
Red is called Veteran :stuck_out_tongue:


My 3 red Hagbanes, 2 red single handed swords and who knows how many charms agree.

Need a way to melt down reds to be able to craft what we want!

Is it so beyond you Fatshark to give the player some agency in their veteran loot?..

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Too bad this was suggested a couple dozen times since release taking only this forum into account, and God only knows how many times this was suggested on reddit - I saw it last time yesterday.

You can see for yourself if that helped.

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Oh xD thank you lol