Reward for Daily Quests

Hi! Recently I’ve competed some daily quests and got new reward for them. Which is shillings. Five shillings. And, in my opinion, that’s suspiciously small for an actual reward.
Can one of the devs confirm if this is intended or it’s simply a forgotten zero, please?


If it’s from a daily, I suspect it is intended.
Weeklies are the ones that give 50.

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I’ve queried this with our Game Director who has confirmed that 5 Shillings is correct. I can appreciate this seems low however, so we’ll keep it in mind.


The amount is fine if it came along with the emp chest rather than replacing it. The emp chest is actually a lot more valuable to many people so for a good number of us frankly it just looks like you’ve taken something away.

Please at least consider keeping the emp chest reward as well.


I agree with alsozara, I believe the best move would be to have daily quests reward an emperor champion chest and 5 shillings, because the daily 5 shillings are a really good motivator to log in every day for the veterans, but the newbies rely a lot on those daily emperor chests to help them progress and have a small chance at reds.


but why has this been changed to shillings? the emperor boxes are what is needed. shillings don’t get me gear when a full tome grim run still only always gets a general’s chest because the ranalds role is completely useless, the dailies would at least help now they are just a waste of time. the dailies even still have the picture of the chest but only get the useless 5 shillings. are these going to stay like this or we gonna get the chests back at some point?

Shilling is what we need. Because its universally good on all level of gameplay

5 shillings is good for veterans who only have cosmetics to chase after. The emperor Champion chest is great for non-veterans, specially brand new players who need all the boost in gear they can get (while still earning it through sweat and blood)


I’ve played for over 600 hours and I’d STILL much prefer the emp chest (a decent number of my reds have come from them) over even 20 shillings frankly.

Just because you’ve farmed all the gear you want doesn’t mean you should selfishly encourage an idea that is absolutely terrible for a huge portion of the player base.


Can confirm this just happened to me. Was given 5 Shillings and no Emp Chest, even though the listed reward for the Daily is an Emp Chest and no Shillings.

For what exactly? I have nearly 4k shillings. Cosmetics don’t do anything for gameplay. Where as the chests from dailies was actually helping me progress. I spent nearly 2 hours with nothing but fail pugs last night I finally finished a mission which completed a daily, which said emperor chest as the reward. But no it gave me 5 shillings instead. Trying to level other characters is a pain in the arse as it is with the measly amount of xp you get and then to just get some useless currency is just a slap in the face. Stick the shillings reward as just a completion for the map or something and give us back the chest.

That means you can buy like 4 good cosmetics and you wont get it for next 2 months! nice good. Champion chests is just a dumb idea for reward, it will lock out new players in one weapon because its ‘better’ and they won’t try others because they are lower quality. And most dailes can be done in literally 2 missions

Throwing my hat in here. Love the game, play constantly. Please revert back to Emp chest for daily, or do both, just don’t remove the emp chest. Practically all of my reds (which take a while to get just running champ), come from the daily.

I’ll throw out there that it would be good for the change not to have to wait until season 3 to get in.

Thanks for the great game, and keep it up.

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Was it confirmed that 5 Shillings instead of the old reward (emperor chest) is correct or only that the value (5 Shillings) is correct?

In case it is the later, does this require a new bug report or can the not-a-bug label be removed?

In case it is the first: this change might be a major dealbreaker for the part of the audience who casually plays the game e.g. on lower difficulties, with bots etc.
Or people who just bought it and try to level their characters/item power.
It would be also a questionable change because the amount of crafting materials is generally reduced, which makes it harder for new players to craft items, even more with the increased number of weapons that is now available.

This is correct, I have urged them to reconsider.


You propably have seen it in some other thread already. People suggested that maybe the chest and 5 Shillings would be a good idea.

Personally, I think it would be interesting if you have a kind of choice for the reward either while picking the quest or after completing the quest. Choice could be between 5 Shillings, the Emperor’s Chest or a third option like two Veteran difficiulty chests. This way at least everyone can decide what he needs/wants most right now. As you game designer has shown to consider these rewards as suitable already I don’t see why he should oppose a choice.


I’m personally still a big supporter of the ‘both’ reward. 10 shillings can easily prove to be too much (or not! who knows), but 5 shillings is too little, yet in both scenarios the new players who desperately need that daily emperor’s chest suffer, and I definitely disagree with making the newbies pick between swagger and useful gear.

Both is a nice balance. 5 shillings and the champion emperor chest.

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The problem is that: whoever imagined that this is good, we are forced to use the emporium. Will this shilling be another essence stuff? I have more than 2,500,000 essence and for what? For a lot of people an Emperor chest is more valuable than 5 schillings. Let the weekly be for emporium and the daily for getting extra chests. Another no-need-to-touch section was messed with but for no reason with this 5 schilling “reward”.

yup, I’m a terrible player and I’ve lost the ability to get emp chests now. Just 'cuz I’m bad doesn’t mean there should be a limit for my chestie bois, WHERES MY DAILY CHEST? HUH FATSHARK?! HUH?! Losing 10+ games in a row, feeling like I’ll never get an emp chest again, feels bad man.


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