Revolvers biggest flaw still there after buff

  • Revolver doesn´t oneshot standard ranged enemies in the arms on higher difficulties. Ok fine…
  • Most of the time, they are aiming at you, covering their chest with their hands. Seems logic…
  • Despite overpenetrating multiple targets, chest hits are not registered if the arm hitbox is hit first, resulting in way too many 2 hit kills. Definetly NOT fine!

If a multi hitbox system isn´t possible, at least set the arm hitbox damage for the standard rifle units to the same as the chest.



They buffed the damage without testing the weapon themselves, was it really lacking damage that much ? Reload speed and ammo efficiency were my biggest concern : 10 bullet per small ammo case, low ammo pool.
Read the forum with “revolver” filter and you read lot of “Damage” next to it and here we go, ez.

It’s the plasma rifle problem again.

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If the damage bonus is enough to one-shot specials on a headshot, then its a decent buff. If its not, then its why bother

Considering many specials are maniacs, the damage against them really was ridiculously low. It took 5 headshots to kill a mutant on heresy. The buff it got is very welcome, however the ammo problem is with about 50 % of the weapons in the game. They should really focus on that one time.

If we could wield both one handed gun and one handed weapon at the same time then something like the revolver would be very fun AND useful. But the game isn’t at a place where all these weapons are fun or useful. Weapons are just there and that’s it.

Realistic localized body part damage apart from headshots doesn’t belong in a horde game like this, and only serves to annoy the player when he can’t reliably kill mooks with the expected amount of shots.

TO that, add the wonky hit registration problems and it’s just a recipe for frustration.

Eh. I do also wish the arm hitbox thing would just be deleted from the game, but I feel like a lot of people in this thread are asking for the revolver to be something it’s clearly not intended to be.

It’s meant to be a quick, responsive, and accurate, fairly range agnostic weapon for deleting specials and elites, but mostly the former. It’s not an efficient anti shooter weapon and that’s fine.

I’ll be strongly considering it on my Zealot and Psyker after this patch, and I’m confident it will now be strong in its niche. Not every gun has to be a Vet gun, any gun that boasts a very quick response time is clearly more built for mixing in with heavy amounts of melee.

TL;DR agree with calls to stop it being cucked by arm hitboxes. Disagree with any sentiments that it needs more ammo or reload speed or anything of that nature.

Yeah I mostly want it to fill a similar role as the crossbow in VT2, a weapon you can quick swap to in order to one tap a special/elite with a quick flick headshot in between horde fighting for not ranged focused classes. I don’t need it to reload fast or have a ton of ammo, I just need it to kill with one or two accurate shots and have a fast swap speed

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I get it, i mean shotguns have the exact same issue with muty

Totally agree, this really needs to go for the revolver and we are golden.

Still, some more ammo wouldn’t hurt

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