Revived health is calculated too early?

Issue Summary:
Wasn’t really sure what to title this but I ran into a problem today where I actually thought a lone slave rat did 130 damage until I played the video in slow motion. Turns out, the health you get when you’re revived is given to you BEFORE you’re able to block. This means I insta-died to an attack I couldn’t block that I would have survived with my downed health. You should never be given your revived-state health until you actually have control of your character.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go down
  2. Have someone try to revive you
  3. Take enough damage right before you have control of your character again to outright kill you(I think it’s always half of your current max?)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:
Also why are videos limited to 5 megabytes? 5 is not a lot for a video. I literally couldn’t upload an 8 second video.

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I don’t think it’s a bug, I think it is a design decision that you are vulnerable briefly while getting up. The same when you are freed from a disabler; you cannot block until you have full control again. I think, though, that you can use ults immediately, however, which is useful for those characters who have knock-back on ults. If you’re getting a friendly up in a horde, you should start pushing when you fill the bar to get them up to give them some safety.

To be clear, I’m not saying this is a great design decision, just that I think it’s intended behaviour.

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I feel like you might be missing my point. I understand there are vulnerable states when getting revived and recovering from a disabler.

The problem here is the new health is given to you before you’re able to do anything. If you don’t have control of your character yet then you shouldn’t be considered revived. Exactly when you’re given your new health feels unintended to me. If you watch the video, you will see I would have survived the attack if I wasn’t given the new health value too early, before I felt I was actually revived.

I watched it again at half speed, and maybe you switched back to “revived” health slightly too soon, though you were standing upright, just . . . kinda hunched at most. That’s a pretty close call.

Being close to picked up isn’t the issue. If I don’t have control of my character, I shouldn’t be given the health of a revived character. If I can’t block, then I don’t considered myself revived. If I’m not revived, then why is the game intentionally lowering my health?

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Any mechanic that punishes a player when they have zero control over the situation is a horsecrap mechanic.

It’s always been like this and it’s always been a stupid choice of game mechanic.

It is still an intended mechanic. It’s not even about the downed health - there is no downed health when you get pounced or strangled, but when you’re freed, you still are staggered for a period of time.

In your specific example you can tell Saltz thank you for not killing this one rat before reviving. If you go down or get caught by a special, it is by design that you present a tactical challenge to your teammates to properly free or up you - they should turn their brains on from that point on instead of just pushing ‘E’.

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In no way does this feel intended. The window for noticing this is so small I had to slow down a video. It seems like a mistake to me because of just how small of a window it is from getting your revived health and having control of your character. There’s just no way someone said, “hey, let’s give revived players their health .1 seconds before they can even block because people will totally notice this AND enjoy it!”

Being disabled and being revived are two completely different things so comparing them makes no sense.

Honestly, I would prefer if enemies attacked the person doing the reviving. That way it’s more consistent on who takes the damage and the person doing the reviving understands the risks and has to make a decision knowing where all that damage is being directed.

Legit. Let’s see what the devs say.

I’ve got a 300-400 hours logged in this game. I’m familiar with the getting hit as you’re getting up problem, and recently I’ve taken damage when I otherwise would not have. To bee clear, this feels like a recent change and I don’t recall reading anything about this change in the update notes/

I admit this is a subjective statement, but I’m pretty intimately familiar with the game, and what the OP is describing feels different to me now – as if something was changed in the last update. I think the OP is right that this is a BUG. If, instead it is a recent design change (as intended) then I think it is a poor design decision… but honestly, this feels like a bug to me as well.

I’ve died moments after being revived countless times, and I never even had a video to slow down.
It’s a bit annoying, but I wouldn’t call it so hard to notice it must be a mistake. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate it not being like this.

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