Revert the surge staff

my eyes are f*cking bleeding. I see there is a PSA that they are “looking into it”. How hard it is to upload a previous vfx state for a weapon?

Do FS employees even play their own game?

it’s crazy that the patch came out on Thursday, where a TON of people talked about how it hurt their eyes, migraines, nausea, extreme discomfort, and even some reports of epileptic seizures. I have 2 friends who used the staff, they don’t use it anymore because they said it made them sick and it hurt their head.

Outside of why it was implemented in the first place…why…wasn’t it patched out immediately with a hotfix by reverting it on Friday? This is a high level issue reported by a significant amount of people.

Now you can feel the peril warp your mind in real life.

They’re working on the ability to make you explode in real life as well. Coming soon!


What I don’t get is how it is this difficult to revert the change? Unless they flat out deleted a previous build of the VFX for the surge staff - which knowing FS incompetency they probably did - then it should be simple to revert the change. They are so quick to fix and address the cash shop and they go about the speed of smell when something in the actual game needs attention.