Respawn points yet again, #5

  1. Horn of Magus: this is a one of a kind, to be honest. We encountered more than an unusual amount of enemies near the assassin‘s nest and went all over the place around the overpass/underpass. I can guarantee that no-one went beyond the grill leading to the first grim at any time when this sceenshot was taken. Kruber respawned here while I was still alive and we were all between the assasin’s nest and the overpass/underpass at that point.

  2. Against the Grain: the monster fight is on-going next to the oak, but, as you can see… (Have I mentioned recently how I hate the green walls? No? Consider it done!)

  3. Empire in Flames: the monster fight a long, long way back, respawn at the event. I think it was beyond the green wall, but I don’t remember anymore. It was ridiculuously far.

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