(Resolved) Undocumented damage nerf?

Update: Nevermind about this thread, I was getting low numbers because the game defaults to Recruit difficulty on launch.

Did you control if your keep was on the same difficulty?
The Keep is always on the difficulty of your last played game, but when you start the game, its on recruit.

so…3850 dmg could be on Champion, while 2850 is on recruit?(Swift bow)

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Actually, I did just get these numbers after starting my game after download 1.0.6. I suppose I’ll see if hero power capping is what’s affecting this & post back in a moment

Ah ha, mystery resolved! The game defaulting to Recruit and capping my hero power was actually what was causing this disparity in numbers. (For anyone curious, my 2h sword now does 1600 (16) damage per hit, or 2475+1950 (4425 / 44.25) with strong attack combos)

So, I suppose I’ll try finding a way to lock my thread now… Thanks for your input!

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