God I love hidden nerfes. Ranged damage, white HP decay

Bow damage have been lowered by 2 times, actually by more than 2 times. Overall ranged damaged has been lowered by 1.5-2 times. So what’s your opinion on this, guys?
Update #1: Seems that the damage was nerfed only by about 1.5 times, but the nerf seems to affect ALL weapon types, including melee weapons. Not sure about actives.
Update #2: The damage change was kinda not hidden, just an oversight in patchnotes. More information on this link. As for HP decay, I might be wrong about it. No way to test it, since previous version is no longer available, can only rely on my personal feelings.
Update #3: I bothered to check temporary HP decay comparing current situation to old gameplay videos. It turns out HP decay was not changed. But I think HP per kill was reduced by half. It is rather hard to test this one without having an older version of the game, but I might bother doing it some time.

has it been lowered or does that all tie in with hero power?

Which bows? I used a little bit of the elf longbow and I see no damage difference between this version and the 1.0.5 beta.

Keep difficulty is set to recruit, scaling power down to recruit levels. Go start a champ game and cancel then go try again.




Yep, the damage was nerfed in beta already. No wonder you see no differnece. I don’t want to go deep into details, but I used to have 3425 damge on longbows LMB, now it’s 2475. So I was wrong, it is not an x2 nerf, which was on beta, more like x1.5. Still a great difference. Charged attacks also affected of course.

Difficulty is set to Legend. Thanks for the advice, but sadly I know this feature.

Idk the exact formula, but the damage scales almost linearly with power. So it is both I guess.

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I could be mistaken, as the power scaling mechanic is not one I understand that well, but this sounds like it was about a 30% reduction in damage, which I believe is about what all damage in the game was reduced by.

Perhaps its just because I’ve been playing the beta, but this across the board nerf (as I believe this nerf to bows is just reflective of the reduced damage of all weapons) is totally fine, especially after all the power and bug fixes (though some bugs still remain, obviously). This build of the game is less solo-able, but i for one am enjoying the more team oriented play that lower damage output promotes.

But an overall 30% hidden damage nerf is even worse, isn’t it?

No, because it’s not a nerf. It’s a correction to power scaling to bring the current live game in line with values that the game was balanced against.

It’s also not “hidden”, they’ve written extensively about this over the past week or two.


Not really. Max scaling is 700. Of that around 180 is base, and your 600 HeroPower gives you an additional 375 scaling, ie a total of ish 555. The missing 145 scaling is from 600 to 820 HeroPower which is only obtainable through +X% vs Y gear and talents.

(I’m writing on phone, I’ll update with formula when I’m at my comp next time)

^This, though I can see why you would consider it a nerf. I just wouldn’t necessarily characterize it as such.

This is true for maxed characters playing up to 800 HeroPower with gear and talents, for normal characters the reduction is closer to 25%.

From the top of my head, on 600HP with no other buffs, dual axes light atk vs infantry:
1.0.4 patch: 15.6 dmg
1.0.5 patch: 11.25 dmg

So new damage on 600 HP is 72% of what it was. Consistent with other observations. You can compare new damage with 1.0.4 melee spreadsheets https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YLefZmnDZEb2oy3_wV5P1xU_-5yTTeIJz6sknYg9bO0/edit?usp=sharing

Ran the numbers again (was picking it off my head), it’s 72.51602564% :slight_smile:

It also seems that white HP now decays x2-x3 times faster.

‘Hidden’ changes he says :smiley:

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I’ve read patch notes three times, can’t find any info on damage reduction or HP decay.

I’ll admit it can be hard to find, but it is there.

Scaling has been tweaked for damage and cleave (using a 3.5 ratio rather than 3.0)

Which hasn’t been changed from the beta i don’t think.
And temporary HP decaying 2 or 3 times faster must be in your head.

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I do not insist on decaying, it might be in my head indeed. But the damage… do you you realize that according to that quote the damage should have been INCREASED, not made lower. Not to mention that the numbers do not fit!
After the patch the damage was reduced by about 30%. Even if devs messed up this patch note, and they meant, that scaling was reduced to 3.0 from 3.5, the reduction should be (1-3/3.5)*100%, which is 15%.

You’re assuming the ratio scales linearly in game. You’re also assuming a simple calculation, when the ratio in question might not multiply a value, but instead be a divisor, etc.

PS: Hero Power did scale linearly prior to 1.0.5 - this was unintended and fixed. If you’re interested about this in detail, go here:

Devs explaining stuff to mere mortals

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