Damage Spreadsheet (for 1.0.5 beta)

Here is a new version of the damage spreadsheet, updated for the beta branch (v1.0.5):

As always, it’s incomplete and poorly tested. This will hopefully be the last version I’ll have to post, since UnShame is working on a spreadsheet of his own.

Notes (unchanged from previous post):

  • You will probably want to make a copy of the spreadsheet (File -> Make a copy …) so you can modify the settings in the top row (Hero Power Level, Difficulty, Values).
  • Hero power below 120 is not supported because the damage doesn’t scale linearly below that which makes things too difficult for me.
  • The stagger values are just a relative indication of stagger power. They may let you compare weapons but they don’t let you work out, for example, if a given attack will interrupt an enemy during a particular one of its attacks. Unfortunately that’s a complicated calculation that in some cases is situational, so I doubt it can be put in a spreadsheet (I don’t intend to attempt it, that’s for sure).
  • The “# Targets” calculation doesn’t currently take into account mass modifiers like LINESMAN, which reduce the mass of applicable enemies by 25%.
  • I’ve added a ‘power multiplier’ field you can change to simulate buffs, e.g. for a ‘+7% Power’ buff use a multiplier of 1.07.
  • The power level caps for difficulties are now included in the calculation.
  • Beam staff light attack damage is a bit weird. If I’m reading the code right, it ramps up by applying a power modifier that eventually grows to 1.5 - this means that even on Legend, high Hero Power players will hit the power cap. I haven’t included the 1.5 multiplier in the table values, but you can do it manually with the ‘power multiplier’ field.

what’s dodge count? what’s mass mod? what’s linesman? mass mod tank?

meh, stats was never my strong suit. i just play to learn how my weapons staggers, how many mobs it can cleave, how many strikes it takes to kill all the mobs, and what hits hard and what doesn’t.

Dodge count is the number of dodges you can perform consecutively before your dodges start getting shorter.

The ‘mass modifiers’ reduce the mass of particular enemies by 25% when calculating how many of them are hit by an attack. In order to apply, the attack and the enemy both need to have the same modifier. For example, the 2-handed sword’s heavy attack has the LINESMAN modifier, so it applies to clan rats since they have LINESMAN too.

What does “TANK” mod do?

It’s just another mass modifier (see my earlier reply above). It’s the same as LINESMAN except it applies to a different set of weapons and enemies.

Ah, thanks, do you know what enemies have “TANK” modifier?

The list is: chaos_marauder_with_shield, chaos_raider, chaos_fanatic, skave_slave, chaos_berzerker, skaven_clan_rat_with_shield, skaven_clan_rat, chaos_marauder.

(You can see this info on the ‘breed’ sheet of the spreadsheet.) The list should actually include skaven slaves as well, but there’s a typo in one of the game’s source files (somebody wrote skave_slave instead of skaven_slave).

Oh, yeah. Also is it a mistake that spear sweep attacks don’t have LINESMAN mod or did they remove them in the patch? Im looking at something unshamed posted in reddit and if im not wrong it says the sweeps have it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/294fkadj23m9d57/weapons.json?dl=0

Afaics none of the spear attacks have the LINESMAN mass modifier in either beta or main. The word “linesman” is used in a bunch of places in the source code (I think it might designate things that have high cleave?) so you may be looking at somewhere else it’s used.

I tested spear push stab with 10% chaos dmg and it does cleave through a marauder, so if other info is correct, it has the linesman mod. It’s 7,6ish Mass dmg and marauder mass by default is 9, 6,75 with linesman.

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thank you, very informative.

Which version did you test on (1.0.4, 1.0.5 beta, or 1.0.5)?

1.0.5 beta

Was it after the final update, which was the version that went live as 1.0.5? I ask because the release notes contained this:

Marauders have had their cleave hit mass reduced by 25%

Here’s an updated version of the spreadsheet for the 1.0.5 release:

Melee damage at 600HP is a work in progress? (many attacks w/o values)
Edit: ah, havent noticed the default damage column. As i understand, for 2h sword charged atk, its the damage you deal to 5+ target? For 1h axe light atk - to any amount of targets you cleave?

Melee&ranged values at 600 HP are uncapped by champion? And are they rounded to 0.25 steps, or not?
I really need the values at 600HP w/o rounding. For making damage breakpoints guide

Yes, that’s correct.

The power multiplier is uncapped. If you entered a high number in the hero power cell, that would get capped. But you shouldn’t need to do that, the multiplier should do what you want, iiuc.

They are rounded, but that’s actually how it works in-game. Damage is always rounded to the nearest 0.25 before it’s applied (probably for network-related reasons).

Using the spreadsheet for that is worth a try, but be skeptical about the results it gives you. Like I say above, it isn’t very well tested and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s wrong. I mostly did it so I could compare things, like “which attack on this weapon is better to use against bosses,” and it should be good enough for that. It might also be good enough for your needs, but only testing in-game will let you know for sure.

Yes i’m aware of that.

For making breakpoints guide i need the un-rounded damage. Because, at first, the power buffs (from talents and properties) affect it, only then it’s rounded, not the other way around. I’ve used simple calculator to do previous breakpoint guide for 1.0.4 and lower. Having already rounded damage will give inaccuracies in breakpoint %-es (crucial for barely reachable breakpoints with 10%/20%/30%/40%)

Also, different types of power buffs (race/armor category/from talent) are multiplicative towards unbuffed damage. So here again i need un-rounded damage to do calculation like: [unbuffed_dmg] x [1.10_chaos] x [1.10_infantry] x [1.15_talent]

The “power multiplier” value is applied before the rounding, so putting the buff values into it should give you the value you want - for example, to compute a 9% chaos buff with an 8% armored buff, put =1.09*1.08 into the cell.

But if you really want to see unrounded values, it’s a simple change to make. On the Tools menu, choose Script Editor. Then go to line 38, which is:

var roundedValue = integerPart + (Math.round((rawValue - integerPart) * 4) / 4);

Change this to:

var roundedValue = rawValue;

Thanks a lot!

The problem with that is very long loading times. And searching for breakpoints is a backward process relative to this, you dont enter power buffs and then scroll through damage values, its the other way around: see the unbuffed values, make quick and different tests with calc, or straight divide needed dmg and unbuffed damage to see the required % buff.

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