Damage Spreadsheet (for 1.2)

Edit: The latest version, for version 1.2 of the game, is here:

I’ve added numbers for damage against superarmor and melee attack reach, as requested by CommissarTyr and doom_hamster. These are entirely untested though, so take them with a grain of salt.

Here is a new version of the damage spreadsheet, updated for the beta branch (v1.0.5):


Notes re the 1.2 changes:

  • There are a lot of changes, but the majority of them are buffs to headshot damage against armor, damage against large (a.k.a. “monsters”), and increased stagger for pushes.
  • The (non-elven) 2-handed sword has been overall buffed as per the patch notes, but it did lose the LINESMAN cleave modifier from its heavy attacks. Edit: LINESMAN was replaced by HEAVY_LINESMAN (as per CommissarTyr’s comment below) which isn’t included in the spreadsheet yet.
  • The charged attack on the drakefire pistols no longer has damage dropoff with range (possibly a bug).
  • The fireball staff’s charged attack got a buff to headshot damage against berserk rather than armored (again, possibly a bug).

Notes from previous versions:

  • You will probably want to make a copy of the spreadsheet (File -> Make a copy …) so you can modify the settings in the top row (Hero Power Level, Difficulty, Values).
  • Hero power below 120 is not supported because the damage doesn’t scale linearly below that which makes things too difficult for me.
  • The stagger values are just a relative indication of stagger power. They may let you compare weapons but they don’t let you work out, for example, if a given attack will interrupt an enemy during a particular one of its attacks. Unfortunately that’s a complicated calculation that in some cases is situational, so I doubt it can be put in a spreadsheet (I don’t intend to attempt it, that’s for sure).
  • The “# Targets” calculation doesn’t currently take into account mass modifiers like LINESMAN, which reduce the mass of applicable enemies by some percentage.
  • I’ve added a ‘power multiplier’ field you can change to simulate buffs, e.g. for a ‘+7% Power’ buff use a multiplier of 1.07.
  • The power level caps for difficulties are included in the calculation.

Thanks for updating
2h Sword heavy attack Linesmen modifier has been replaced by HEAVY_LINESMAN https://github.com/Aussiemon/Vermintide-2-Source-Code/blob/d0f0556659c713f840bfecbb62183380e0bd29cc/scripts/settings/equipment/hit_mass_counts.lua

Would it be possible for you to add lines for damage versus super armour on the attacks?

Oic, good catch. I’ll fix it next time I update the spreadsheet, which will probably be when 1.2 is officially released. Same for the super-armor stats, which I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to.

How exactly did you calculate the new Headshot damage for non-AP weapons? I cannot, for the life of me, figure this out consistently. Especially in regards to how +headshot damage (namely bodkins) effects it. Cannot seem to find any consistent basis for it.

Just asking since I’m trying to figure this out for my own monstrosity of a sheet and yet cannot pin down a good formula.

The values in the spreadsheet are calculated by calling into the game code itself. The damage values come from calling DamageUtils.calculate_damage, for example. I only have a dim understanding of the internals of that function.

If you’re doing something similar I might be able to help you, but if you’re trying to reproduce the calculations yourself, I doubt that I can be of much use.

It was like that before

I’ve made a comparison sheet (1.1 ->1.2b):

In tabs that end with “_compare”, the changes in 1.2b are highlighted with red font.

Check dual dagger and dual axes charged attack damage vs monsters, its disgusting.

Rep.pistol have ~x1.5 more damage on bullet spray headshot vs armored, nice.

Also found one significant undocumented change - exec sword pushstab is buffed immensely, having completely different damage profile (similar to 2h sword charged).

To Bear: hope you’ll do super armor damage for 1.2 live!
Also, it would be interesting to have push radius values for weapons (or push reach), since they buffed it in beta.


Honestly I find it rather odd they’d increase DD monster damage at all.

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An updated spreadsheet for 1.2 is here:

I’ve added numbers for damage against superarmor and melee attack reach, as requested by CommissarTyr and doom_hamster. These are entirely untested though, so take them with a grain of salt.


Comparison weapon sheet 1.1 -> 1.2 :

In tabs that end with _compare, the changed values are highlighted with red font.

Had to remove super armor from each attack to compare.

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Found out that hagbane have incorrect damage for this attack:

shoot charged (explosion damage)

sheet shows:

unarmored 2.828125
armored 0
large 4.2421875
player 2.828125
berserk 2.828125
superarmor 0

should be:

unarmored 0.99
armoured 0
large 1.48
berserk 0.99
superarmor 0

^numbers from trawnarch’s calc

It was wrong before in 1.1 sheet, but beside that i haven’t noticed more incorrect numbers

Here’s a version for the balance beta:

The Sword and Dagger is now using different damage profiles for left and right hands in its heavy attacks (presumably because one’s holding a sword and the other a dagger). I’m just adding the numbers together for the damage. For the cleave, I’m taking the right hand values only, which is pretty dodgy but I can’t think of anything better that isn’t too complicated.


On melee sheet, there’s 5 new rows added, with a new attack:

light attack bopp (DoT damage)

on Flaming Sword.

After the Flaming Sword, the thick borders that separate weapons - they’re off, and the last 5 rows associated with halberd charged attack - have no attack name.

I’ve made comparison sheet from 1.2 to 1.2 BBB:

Inside a tab that have two versions in the name, the changed values are highlighted with red font.

UPD: made comparison sheets for 1.2 BBB update 1.

Thanks, I’ve fixed it in a new version that also has the values from the latest update of the beta:

This one also has some extra info for the new and improved “shield slam” attacks in the beta.


I’ve updated the spreadsheet for v1.3 of the game - you can find the new version here:

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