Damage Spreadsheet (for v1.0.1)

Here is a new version of the damage spreadsheet, updated for VT2 v1.0.1 and with more Sienna staff values:

As always, this is a work in progress, incomplete and poorly tested.

Previous notes:

  • You will probably want to make a copy of the spreadsheet (File -> Make a copy …) so you can modify the settings in the top row (Hero Power Level, Difficulty, Values).
  • Hero power below 120 is not supported because the damage doesn’t scale linearly below that which makes things too difficult for me.
  • The stagger values are just a relative indication of stagger power. They may let you compare weapons but they don’t let you work out, for example, if a given attack will interrupt an enemy during a particular one of its attacks. Unfortunately that’s a complicated calculation that in some cases is situational, so I doubt it can be put in a spreadsheet (I don’t intend to attempt it, that’s for sure).
  • The “# Targets” calculation doesn’t currently take into account mass modifiers like LINESMAN, which reduce the mass of applicable enemies by 25%.

New notes:

  • I’ve added a ‘power multiplier’ field you can change to simulate power buffs, e.g. for a ‘+7% Power’ buff use a multiplier of 1.07.
  • The power level caps for difficulties are now included in the calculation.
  • Beam staff light attack damage is a bit weird. If I’m reading the code right, it ramps up by applying a power modifier that eventually grows to 1.5 - this means that even on Legend, high Hero Power players will hit the power cap. I haven’t included the 1.5 multiplier in the table values, but you can do it manually with the ‘power multiplier’ field.
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good lord somebody did it.

kudos to you, altho i personally don’t look at numbers. i am sure this will satisfy or outrage the many theorycrafters out there