The game is unplayable after patch 1.0.5

After the last patch 1.0.5 for me the game is unplayable.

First, fps dropped rapidly. In larger fights, the game is unplayable (I have 8700K and GTX 1080 …)
And secondly the game is unplayable due to the huge nerf (I am playing Mage). Do I really have to play Recruit with 397 power? I have to hit mob 3 times !!! to kill him.

I do not understand why you’re interfering with something that worked and nobody wanted change. The game is ridiculously difficult and the characters are terribly weak.


well if that’s where you need to be why not? adjust to it then move up a difficulty


I feel like you should block more / stay grouped with your team, and stop trying to do hard stuff too soon.

I mean I can easily finish Veteran with 200 hero power, not showing off, just, take your time and learn to play little by little :slight_smile:

The patch made each difficulty more challenging, and a lot better at preparing newer players for each “next step”. You can’t yolo champion while leveling anymore, so stick to recruit/veteran and level new heroes to get your score up.

I’m not even sure why articles online are saying they buffed everything, making it sound like the game is even easier. When in fact, they made champion noticeably more difficult. Personally, I like the change.

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You are missing my point. I had no problem with anything before patch 1.0.5… Did you even read my post?

Currently tha game is unplayable for me. I will not play Recruit there is no loot for me and it is imposible to play Veteran if I need to hit one stupid mob 3x…

Sounds like a skill issue. If you’re not ready for veteran, stay in recruit while leveling new heroes for commendation chests. You’ll be 600 power score in no time. Again, the game was far too easy before the patch. Once you hit 600, if it’s still too difficult while playing Sienna, you need to start watching top players on twitch or something, because you’re lacking key game sense. Literally, on Sienna, all you have to do is equip a beam staff and clear the map.

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Sounds like this did exactly what a lot of people wanted. I have watch many games where the mage did EVERYTHING…as a Kruber I rely on teammate DPS but since the patch I notice that people rely more on my shield and the melee/range of teammates.

This is not what anyone wants…except mages that want to play solo I guess.

Everyone is in good health, and your ranged have the high ground. Looks like a perfectly executed strategy to me. Only mistake I’m seeing is, your Sienna is carrying a grim instead of a concentration potion for the last boss. RIP

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It was a GREAT team but we didn’t do much lol. She killed 90% of that wave. We were just watching…which is great if you just want loot. But if you want to kill stuff and play a game it can get old. The team was amazing but she didn’t really need us. Could have just used bots. I have played several games where the mage was ahead of us and we got a mid level boss.

She would kill the boss before we could swing a sword.

Everyone likes to be needed. Even ole Kruber. The player here did nothing wrong but personally it is not the direction I want the game to go in. I want it to feel like the team is fighting for their life on champion and for sure on legend.

Tanks aren’t meant to get all the kills. You’re job is to protect your DPS. Depending on the map/situation, you can still get a ton of kills. If you want green circles, play a DPS class or a more aggressive kruber. And by that I mean, never get locked in the triple swing animation. Always cleave, block, cleave, block. Double down chop armored.

Well, that’s just poor positioning by your Sienna. I highly doubt she solo’d a mini boss before you even got there though. Unless she had a concentration potion in hand, and another passed to her. One concentration potion is 4-5 ults depending on if she’s using the longer duration trait. That’s not enough to melt a boss on champion.

If you want to feel needed on Kruber, do a good job of protecting your DPS. Even if they don’t publicly thank you, trust me, they are.

AKA git gud

I don’t ever get “all the kills” not even close. I am CC mostly and I love it. I get to stun lock the boss. I am the first to revive you when you go down. I know my roll and I enjoy it. Green circles don’t mean &^%& to me. (except revives).

It is about having a team experience.

I remember the map and game very well. We were on champion with a level 30 mage and me and 2 low levels. A 16 and 18 or something like that.

The two low levels went down and I was helping them and finishing off a horde. The boss showed up but we could not see it yet. But the mage was engaged. By the time we get around the corner the boss was dead.

I remember so clearly because one of the lower levels said “Why are we even here? You just soloed the boss.” and Sienna just put “lol”. Still was a difficult match and I enjoyed it but I left the lobby after that.

It is just not as fun. With that said I still expect them to get most kills but I enjoy a more balanced approach.

Good thing for people like me…the developers seem to agree.

I mean, it’s entirely possible she solo’d a mini boss if you were busy rezzing. Conc pot and a boss that you can easily kite, Sienna does a ton of damage.

I have all classes 30/600 and Kruber is one of my favorite. So I feel your pain. But you can have a lot of fun with him, when played correctly. If I want to kill a bunch of stuff, I’ll just swap to a DPS.

Yeah and I rely on that damage and I love her and play her often. Just in favor of balance that is all.

Not wanting her to be nerfed to death or anything.

I am sure they will make adjustments both ways until they get her just right.

Most teams are really cool. I have never had anyone spout off about green circles. I see people commenting about these people but I have never got to the end of a match and had someone comment on my lack of green circles. lol I am sure those people are out there though. I have played about 140 hours and never met one. Most of the community is great.

I want to be clear and say I LOVE this game and Sienna. I have a blast with Kruber and even if I get into one match where one person if doing all the work…well it is just one match.

The next one we will all be dying again and crawling to the end.

Yeah, it’s really tough to balance combat in a game like this. With only two rolls(tank/dps), someone has to seem OP. When in fact, those classes are only as good as thier tanks can protect them. No one is off soloing Legend with a team, unless they’re “true solo” with dead bots. In that case, it’s still insanely difficult, but the game also spawns less.

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